7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (2024)

Sometimes we want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. No sounds of the vehicles, no disturbances, and other noises, we just wanted a place where we can spend time without any disturbances. Isn’t it? This might happen to you. So today, we bring 7 luxury underground houses that will blow your mind with their ultimate architectural designs and the living lifestyle, which will make you live in one of these!!

The underground homes are not just exquisite, but also they have some benefits, which we will tell in the forthcoming paras. The underground dwellings are not a new concept, these types of residents can be seen from ages. So, if you’re curious to know more about these homes, then keep on reading.

Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of Underground Housing
    1. 1. Quietness
    2. 2. Energy-efficient
    3. 3. Environment-friendly
    4. 5. No outside presence
  2. How is an Underground House Constructed?
    1. 1. Hole House or Villa Vals
    2. 2. Dutch Mountain House
    3. 3. Windowless Home
    4. 4. Bolton Eco House, England
    5. 5. Casa do Penedo or Stone House
    6. 6. Malator House
    7. 7. Dune House

Benefits of Underground Housing

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So let’s talk about the advantages you’ll get if you live in one of these cute little homes:

1. Quietness

This is one of the main reasons that people want to stay in these types of houses. When you live under the surface, there is no chance that you’ll experience any kind of noise. Just imagine how peaceful the atmosphere will be.

2. Energy-efficient

This might be another good reason to live in these small cute houses. As they’re underground, the temperature is already cool, which means you don’t need an AC. You can save up to 80-90% on the electricity bills, which is YAY for us!!

3. Environment-friendly

These houses not only save you from huge electricity bills but also from extreme weather conditions such as tornado, cyclones, and hurricanes. Another thing is that your house will be termite-free. The only factor which can affect the living is the flood. For that, you just need to install numerous water pumps to empty your house when a flood comes.

4. Safety & Security

These houses are almost invisible to anyone so that no intruder can come inside. The end result is, you get limited access.

5. No outside presence

If you love to live alone in the presence of natural elements such as beautiful sceneries, the chirping sounds of birds, and the rabbits roaming around, then underground housing is perfect for you!

How is an Underground House Constructed?

Living in an underground dwelling might sound exciting, but do you know how much effort and time it takes to construct one? A lot of hard work and planning are required to build this type of structure.

The first important thing while designing an underground home is the location. Decide where you want it and later on the building materials. You can build your home on the hillside, hidden below a field or anywhere where you can chill out and remain away from the noisy world.

For inspiration, take a look at these 7 spectacular underground house designs:

1. Hole House or Villa Vals
7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (2)
  • Architect: SeARCH & CMA
  • Year: 2009

Hole house is situated near the famous thermal baths of Vals. By the name itself, you’ve got the idea, right? This is basically a hole in a hillside. This Underground home has an elliptical shape with the most amazing views. It has an elliptical entryway with some revealing outdoor space.

7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (3)

There is also a second door that is present 22 m underground in the tunnel area, which is near to the traditional Swiss barn. Not only this, but the villa Vals also features four bedrooms, a spectacular kitchen, and a stunning courtyard.

2. Dutch Mountain House
7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (4)
  • Location: Huizen, the Netherlands
  • Architect: Denieuwegeneratie
  • Year: 2011

The owner of this house wanted a place that was away from all the city disturbances. So, the architects decided this beautiful location in the Netherlands and constructed this dutch mountain house. This house is gracefully embedded in an artificial hill that is surrounded by snow & trees. Don’t we all have a dream of this kind of home in our childhood?

7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (5)

The main entrance was created by cutting one side of the rock, which is supported by panels of steel structures. It also has enormous glass windows for looking at the breathtaking views of the outside.

3. Windowless Home
7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (6)
  • Location: Leiria, Portugal
  • Architect: Manuel Aires Mateus
  • Year: 2010

From the name, you might have already got an idea that this is a house with no built-in windows. Now you think that how is it possible to live in a house like that? The central part of this house is – courtyard, with a height that is thrice in height and opens horizontally at the garden level.

All the finishings, including the exterior, are in solid white color, which makes it more charismatic. The architectural angles, designs, furniture, and whatnot, this is the magical house with magical things!!

4. Bolton Eco House, England
7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (7)
  • Location: Bolton, UK
  • Architect: Make Architects
  • Year: 2009

Look at the excellent aerial view of this house. Doesn’t it look remarkable? Of course, it is one of the best underground homes that you have ever seen in your life. Bolton Eco House is situated in England, which is sometimes also known as ‘a house of the future.’

7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (8)

Bolton Eco House is the perfect example of authentic architecture in terms of design and construction. This house is in the shape of the flower as it has 5 beautiful petals, which spreads in 920m² or 9,900ft².

The Lead project architect Stuart Fraser says, “It was a privilege to be given a brief which allowed us to truly test the boundaries of current sustainable thinking in terms of design and construction, and to work alongside some leading experts in this field.”

5. Casa do Penedo or Stone House
7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (9)
  • Location: Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal
  • Year: 1974

The interesting thing about this house is not that it is an underground residence but rather than is that it is entirely built from natural materials. Because of this, it is also known as a “stone house or house of the rock.” Doesn’t it look incredible? So if you want to live in a house like that and feel how people in the stone age lived, this house is for you.

The main specialties of this house include the epic use of boulders, and everything was made out of natural materials. Constructed between the two large rocks and everything is joined with the concrete-like paste. Like any other house, it also has windows, one main entry door, and a shingled roof. There are rumors that it is inspired by the popular American Flintstones cartoon. So, there are chances that flintstones were living in this house!!

6. Malator House
7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (10)
  • Location: Druidstone, Wales
  • Architect: Future Systems
  • Year: 1998

The Malator house is also commonly known as the “Teletubby house.” This extraordinary house is designed in the “earth house” architectural style by Future Systems. Situated in Pembrokeshire, Wales, this house has everything you would have imagined. The current owner of the Malator house is Bob Marshall-Andrews, who is a member of parliament. Completed in 1998, this house was also featured in the television series “Homes by the Sea.”

7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (11)

Its construction is as magical as its name. This house is almost invisible to the eyes when looked at a certain distance. It beautifully blends in with the earth, and the outer facade is made from glass so that residents can enjoy the mesmerizing views of St Brides Bay.

7. Dune House
7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (12)
  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Architect: William Morgan
  • Year: 1975

The Dune House is actually a duplex house situated on Atlantic beach. The architect of the house, who is also the current resident, designed this whole concept. He didn’t want to block the amazing ocean view, so he came up with an underground house.

7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (13)


Despite being constructed in the ’90s, this house has interiors and exteriors all in the modern style. This wonderful house features 2 bedrooms with an open-concept kitchen and floating stairs.

So what do you think about underground houses after reading this article? Of course, many of you already planned your vacation there, right? They are not only visually appealing but also have modern facilities such as swimming pools, expansive views, and peace – which we all wanted in our life!! So, this summer pack your bags and visit one of these places with your family and friends.

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7 Insanely Cool Underground Homes That You’ll Love (2024)
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