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“Ran under 4.0 seconds to 60 mph, fun little beast, like driving a mini Can-Am car.” - Jack Baruth, Road & Track

Note: The 818 is not currently in production, and we are not taking more orders at this time.

Click here to watch a Facebook live update with more info on the 818 and other projects we're working on.

Stay tuned for more updates on the 818.

Based on tough Subaru Impreza/WRX running gear, the 818 is an ultra-light, ultra-modern, computer-designed, two-seater, mid-engine sports car priced under 10 grand! Engineered to be built, the 818 is all about doing more for less.


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"Brawny good looks, high quality materials, outta-my-way exhaust note, abundant thrust. A primal brute that will confirm all your mother-in-law's worst suspicions."

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Kit Packages

Get Ready to Build Your 818R

Kit Starts at $11,990

The 818R is the competition version of the 818S. Run 56 seconds at Lime Rock and close to two minutes flat at Watkins Glen! The 818R has a full race cage, race seat, and adjustable KONI shocks. Optional aero and brake packages available.



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The Theory of the
818 Sports Car

Most of us grew up with V8-powered American muscle cars, and our company is famous for our Hot Rods and Roadsters. But there is a whole new generation of younger car builders, and a global community of people who want to build a Factory Five, and the 818 was built for them. The newest Factory Five was designed to bring the Factory Five build experience to a new generation and to make it easy to build a Factory Five in countries around the world.


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818 Frame

Key to the 818 is its rigid but lightweight tubular steel chassis, completely designed and tested on the latest version of SolidWorks software and countless hours on the track. The 818S and 818C share the same street chassis (functional doors).


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818 Running Gear

As much of the donor car as possible was used in the design of the 818 in order to keep build cost low. The unique layout of the Impreza allows for the entire engine and transaxle unit to be moved to the rear of the car and used to drive the rear wheels with a simple locking collar installed in place of the center differential. This longitudinal mid-mounted flat four gives excellent balance from being both low-slung and mounted behind the driver’s compartment. In addition to the drivetrain, all of the steering, cooling and braking systems are retained from the Impreza donor vehicle.


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818 Suspension and Brakes

The suspension on the 818 utilizes the spindles, brakes, and control arms from the Impreza/WRX donor car. We provide front upper A-arms and four corner KONI coil-over shocks. The muti-link rear suspension is standard, and the suspension geometry has been optimized for the wheelbase, center of gravity, and weight distribution of the chassis. The 818 suspension delivers exceptional handling yet still maintains a streetable ride quality. The 818 uses factory wheel and tire sizes. We offer upgraded performance shocks, Wilwood brakes, and affordable, high-performance wheel options.

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818 Interior

Simple, Purposeful, and Elegant. The 818 is a small car with a large co*ckpit that accommodates drivers up to 6’4”. The seating position is low, and there is a good amount of leg room. The car uses the Subaru Impreza gauge pod and the kit includes OEM-styled ABS formed interior door panels, dash, and center console with shifter assembly, and E-brake adapter. Options include padded interior, upgraded shifter, seat choices, soft top, and removable hard top.


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818S Body/Exterior

The 818 is the first Factory Five car fully developed on the computer. The body shape began in a variety of ways, from CAD files and renderings to scans of existing shapes, and the final 818 body shape came from a full digital file, integrated with the chassis, and output to CNC-milled production tooling.


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818 Specifications

Road & Track Magazine tested the 818S powered by a 270 HP Subaru WRX engine with 5-speed transmission on Hoosier R6 tires with Wilwood 11.5” front and 11.3” rear brakes.




During the development of the 818, we sent out e-mail updates to all customers who have pre-orders submitted. Below is the collection of e-mails that were sent.




“Factory Five’s newest offering is a credible alternative to the Lotus Exige S or Porsche Boxster Spyder.”

818R - Factory Five Racing (29)

Jack Baruth
Road & Track Magazine

“The kit costs $9,990, so even with an unreasonably cherry WRX donor, the bang for the buck is hard to beat: a Porsche 911 Turbo’s power-to-weight ratio for the price of a well-used Boxster.”

818R - Factory Five Racing (30)

Ezra Dyer
Automobile Magazine

“Ran under 4.0 seconds to 60 mph, fun little beast, like driving a mini Can-Am car.”

818R - Factory Five Racing (31)

Jack Baruth
Road & Track Magazine

“We started with nothing more than a pile of parts, a wrecked Subaru, and an instruction manual, and we finished with a car that can attract drooling bystanders, beat a Porsche on a track, and take you to work every day.”

818R - Factory Five Racing (32)

Tim Suddard
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

818R - Factory Five Racing (2024)
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