Bentley Pool House Plan (2024)

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Bentley Pool House Plan

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Full Baths



Rated 4.8

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House Plan Specifications

  • Total Living:  506

    1st Floor:  506

    Total Porch:  623

    Storage:  165

  • Garage:  473

    Garage Bays:   1

    Garage Load:   Side

  • Bathrooms:   1

  • Foundation:   Slab

    Wall Framing:   2x4

    Roof Framing:   Stick

    Exterior Siding:   Brick Exterior

  • Width of House:  35'

    Depth of House:  56'-6''

Key Features

  • Eating Bar
  • Kitchen Island
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Storage Space
  • Vaulted/Volume Ceilings

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Plan Number: H1203-A

Bentley Pool House Plan

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1 Full Baths

506 SQ FT

1 Stories

Bentley Pool House Plan (14)

Main Level

Bentley Pool House Plan (15)

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Select your plan

Select a design that suits your lifestyle. Every plan has detailed descriptions and layouts to help you visualize your ideal home. Once you have made your selection, you can purchase and customize your chosen plan with the help of the Archival Designs team to meet your preferences and create your dream home.

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Why Choose Us

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  • Personalize every detail to match your lifestyle, from room sizes to architectural elements, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.
  • Modify the plan to reflect your individual taste and preferences, creating a home that embodies your distinct style and character.
  • With customization options available, easily adapt the plan to accommodate evolving needs, making it an ideal and enduring space for you and your family.

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  • Gain clarity on the expenses involved in bringing your dream home to life, enabling informed and realistic budgeting.
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  • Rest assured knowing you're getting competitive prices for top-tier home plans, ensuring excellent value for your investment.
  • Trust in our commitment to providing the best prices available, empowering you to pursue your dream home without overspending.
  • Benefit from cost-effective options, enabling you to access high-quality designs at prices that fit your budget, without compromising on excellence.

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Bentley Pool House Plan (30)

Jennifer Malone

Owensboro, KN

Saw the Stone Pond house plan and knew I wanted to live in it. The process was quick and easy received great customer service and house plans were delivered quickly through my email. Thanks again for your help.

Bentley Pool House Plan (31)

Elaine SmithsonPierre

South Dakotaomer

It took almost a year to pick a plan. Since my husband and I retired a few years ago we wanted this last house had to have everything we wanted and needed. The kitchen is my favorite part of the house. I can see what’s happening in my neighborhood through my kitchen window and watch my husband garden in the back yard. Our children think we made a smart decision when we picked this house for our senior years.

Bentley Pool House Plan (32)

Sandra Hawkins

Montgomery, AL

We’ve had an amazing experience with our new home and are excited to be moved in. The customer service we received during our modifications was exceptional. We are loving the open layout of the kitchen and family room. It feels spacious and I’m already planning on hosting holiday dinners at home. We recommend Archival Designs to anyone interested in building the home they’ve always wanted!

Bentley Pool House Plan (33)

Rita Long

Milwaukee, WI

JoAnne and the entire staff was extremely helpful and patient with us while we decided between 2 homes. This home has outstanding curb appeal and a great layout perfect for us. I work from home so having the home office off the foyer is fantastic. I converted the wet bar into a storage closet for my office. We also extended the laundry room into the porch and created a multipurpose laundry/mud room. I would buy from archival designs again and again.

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Ana C.

Senior Residential
Design Consultant


What is included in the construction drawings?

The construction drawings will include detailed, dimensioned floor plans, exterior elevations, roof plan, foundation plan, basic electrical layout, cross-section(s), foundation plan, and other general specifications. Some plans will include interior cabinet layouts.

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Why choose Archival Designs?

Archival Designs brings you over 40 years of experience in the house plan design business. We offer the best value for your money by offering the highest quality home designs.

We offer a , as well as builder discounts for life! Archival Designs guarantees the lowest prices anywhere online.Learn more about our Best Price Guarantee.

All house plans sold by Archival Designs have been designed to comply with the International Residential Code (IRC) and to the local codes in the area where the designer resides or where the house was built.

Do your plans meet building codes in my area?

All house plans are designed to meet or exceed the national building standards required by the International Residential Code (IRC). Due to differences in climate and geography throughout North America, every city, local municipality and county has unique building codes and regulations that must be followed to obtain a building permit. Prior to purchasing a set of house plans, we recommend that you meet with your local building officials in order to determine the building requirements for your area. It is the responsibility of the purchaser(s) and/or builder to ensure that the structure is constructed to meet the codes of their local area.

Important Note:

  • Customers building in CA, OR, SC, WA, and NV: Our house plans do not meet Earthquake Seismic/Wind code requirements.
  • Customers building in GA, SC, FL, and NC Coastal Areas: Plans may have to be engineered to meet local Hurricane/Wind codes.
  • Customers building in AL, AZ, CO, CT, DE, FL, ID, LA, KY, MD, MA, MN, MI, NV, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, UT, WY, and VA: Plans may have to be engineered by a local licensed professional to meet local building codes. Please call your local building department before placing order.
  • Customers building in NV: NV law permits an owner or builder to build a house from their own plans. Contact your local building departmentto verify ifour stock house plans will be accepted before placing order.

Will the plans be stamped or signed by an architect or engineer?

House plans do not come stamped or signed by an architect or engineer. Additionally, house plans typically will not includestructural engineering notes/calculations. Please check with your local building officials to determine if a stamp is required. If required, the building department will only accept a stamp from a licensed professional in the state where the home will be built.

Depending on your city, county, and state building requirements, house plans may need to be reviewed by a local licensed architect or engineer for structural details and code standards before construction begins. This is particularly true in coastal areas and those facing seismic events, extreme winds, and heavy snow. If you are building in any of these areas, a licensed structural engineer will likely be needed to provide the necessary calculations and additional drawings. We authorize the use of our plans conditioned on your obligation and agreement to strictly comply with all local building codes, ordinances, regulations, and requirements, including permits and inspections at the time of and during construction. We recommend checking with your local building department for the most current requirements. The purchaser(s) and/or builder are responsible for additional expenses incurred through meeting municipality requirements or other requirements for construction.

Will the foundation included in the construction drawings work for my site?

Our foundation plans have been designed for universal conditions and may need to be adjusted to fit your specific site conditions. The foundation should be modified by a local structural engineer to comply with soil testing laboratory findings and local building requirements.

Do your plans include electrical, plumbing and mechanical drawings?

Our house plans will include schematic electrical drawings; however, circuiting or wire sizing will not be included. Your electrical subcontractor will typically provide these drawings.

HVAC and plumbing drawings are not included. Your mechanical and plumbing subcontractors will determine the best layout for your site. Local HVAC codes, climatic requirements and commonly used systems vary throughout the country. The direction of how water flow will enter the home vary from case to case. For this reason, it is impossible to provide universal plans.

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