Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (2024)

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Jacki C.

01:35 01 Jan 24

Gary made the home purchase experience very nice. He was responsive and very helpful. Looking forward to building my house with Coval.

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Jessica A.

03:42 16 Oct 23

Working with Gary was outstanding! I’m so excited to build my home

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Billy joe S.

01:04 04 Oct 23

My wife and I are in the process of building their Alderwood model. We just started. We have few months to go to finish. The work so far is on time, communication with Coval is excellent, especially with our project manager, Clif, they are kind and informative. Our house looks more beautiful than we expected. Thank you, Coval, keep up good work, and communication. Good communication is a key to customer satisfaction!Juro and Jacki

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Juro M.

13:10 29 Aug 23

I am so in love with my new home!!! I am amazed by the quality of construction, the timeliness of the build and beauty of their work. The team was also very friendly and communicated with me throughout the process. Gary answered many questions I had about the design. Jeremy was a great resource in getting the site prepped for construction. Jason our Project Manager was so helpful throughout the major phases of the process. Building a new home on raw land is not an easy task, but Coval made the home building portion less stressful. Highly recommend!

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Crystal M.

13:07 16 Aug 23

When my husband and I were ready to build our home we looked into a few home builders. We picked Coval because the people were responsive and knowledgeable. The quality was higher end than the other competitors. We built the 2301 Alderwood and are very happy with the completion of our home. From foundation to carpet Michelle had our home built in 115 days. If you ask me that is fairly fast! She was very helpful and on top of all the projects.If we ever chose to build a house again we would definitely pick Coval!Thank you a beautiful home.

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Kaela H.

15:30 31 Jul 23

Gary made the experience so simple and easy to understand. My family and I are first time home builders and Gary’s patience and dedication was unmatched. Do yourself a favor and go with Gary!

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Daniel G.

01:17 17 Jul 23

We had our first visit with Joey today. I am a very particular person and he was able to answer my plethora of questions. My husband and I have been talking with builders for months now and I have felt the most at ease with Joey out of all of them- he is kind, respectful and very knowledgeable. I can't say about the rest of the process (yet) but it would definitely be worth your time to schedule an appointment if you're looking for a home builder. I'm hoping that everything lines up so we are able to see just how great Coval really is!

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Stacy D.

22:05 14 Jul 23

We chose Coval because of the quality work I had heard from a friend who used them on their home build. Coval was responsive, professional and timely when it came to the construction schedule and keeping it moving. Joey got us started off great and Jim took over for the build and was an excellent PM. All in all if you are looking to build home I would highly recommend Coval, their home building process is dialed in.

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Brandon M.

20:21 18 May 23

Project just getting underway at this time.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (10)

Karl Chester S.

18:27 16 May 23

I was looking to build a home and Coval was one of the first builders I met with. From the very start they were absolutely amazing. Friendly, courteous, forthright and honest. I met with a few other builders and NONE of them came close to delivering the experience that I had at Coval. They even wowed my elderly parents, which is no easy feat!Joey has been a gem, super patient and kind and really willing to explain the process to me. Unfortunately I just couldn’t find the right parcel of land for building and had to move on, but I’m so disappointed to not have the chance to work with them. If the heavens ever align, maybe one day I’ll have a chance and I can build my home with them. Until then, I’m just happy to spread the word about the wonderful experience that I had with them. They’re really just top-notch people!

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R C.

23:01 12 May 23

Gary was a pleasure to work with in all aspects, knowledgeable, patient, informative, insightful, professional and always on point. This is the place to turn your dreams into reality!

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Sparky S.

18:19 12 May 23

Staff was always pleasant and helpful throughout the project. And, despite a very rough start and a project manager they had to let go, they resolved the issue to get our project moving forward. Coval's new hire, project manager, Clif Kincaid quickly got our project going and completed. He was personally very responsive to issues as they arose, soothing our fears caused by the previous project manager, he was a real class act.

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Debra M.

19:08 03 May 23

We are currently going through the build process with Coval Homes and we have nothing but great things to say! Gary has been a pleasure to work with throughout this process and is always so helpful and knowledgeable whenever we have questions! I was very appreciative of Garys quick thinking to help us make a decision to merge two homes. It was cheaper allowing us get what we want. This is our first new build and I imagine at times it can be very overwhelming but we haven't felt that with the support and organization that Gary and his team provides! We can't wait to see the finished product and to continue working with Coval Homes throughout this process!The Robinson’s

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Hana J.

22:13 02 May 23

I've been planning to build our forever home with Coval Homes for the past 7+ years. I've toured many of their finished homes through the years and have been very impressed with the value and quality that their builds reflect. We are now finishing up a 3 lot short plat in downtown Puyallup and are looking forward to building their Douglas plan. We met with Joey yesterday afternoon and was nothing short of very impressed. He had answers and numbers for all of my questions and he left me feeling extremely comfortable working with him going forward. We are very excited to finally have our dreams realized and Coval Homes will be our builder. The other "build on your lot homebuilders in the area don't come close to the quality and value you will find in a Coval Homes build.

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Russell H.

19:35 27 Apr 23

Prior to my wife and I walking up to the front door we notice a flyer with our name on it with warm welcomes and knew that the attention was about us from the start. We start looking into the process and received an education by Joey. He was very knowledgeable, professional and answer all of our questions with ease. We highly recommend Coval Homes and will be using them to build our dream home.

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23:58 23 Apr 23

Solid work on our home thanks Brandon and Coval!

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Ben D.

02:24 19 Apr 23

They built our house for us, the project manager was very involved and on top of the build

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (18)

Ray S.

18:09 03 Feb 23

I had a great experience with my first meeting with Gary from Coval Homes. He greets you like a friend and offers refreshments upon arrival, it really sets the atmosphere nicely!The whole initial meeting is very enlightening and Garys utmost professionalism shines through making you feel comfortable during what is a huge decision (choosing a home to build).You won't regret choosing Coval Homes to build your home.

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Kenneth S.

23:14 01 Jan 23

Fantastic experience. My wife and I have been looking at many home builders for building on our own lot and this has been an amazing experience. The website is easy to use, the service is friendly and family-centric.Joey talked with me on the phone answering questions I had and we planned a time to meet in the office. He greeted us before we even knocked on the door and welcomed us into the office like we were visiting a family friend's home.He was prepared with documents specific to what we had discussed previously and had some toys for our baby and three year old to play with while we discussed customizations which he itemized right then and provided the cost.We have been looking at a plan and wanted some changes but were unsure if it would possible. Within a minute he opened my mind to possibilities I didn't see before. With his tablet and magic pen he flipped mirrored, moved, and erased to have exactly what we were looking for. And all for much less than what I expected the architectural changes to be.I have felt lost many times in this process and Joey was very clear as well as validating that things happen simultaneously during construction which can be frustrating at times.Amazing service this far. Look forward to working with more of Coval folks and updating my review accordingly.Update: Plans competed on time, communication has been great!

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Aaron J.

20:52 19 Dec 22

Joey at Coval was very responsive and was willing to answer our questions. We found him to be knowledgeable and forthright. He spent time helping us and orienting us to issues we weren’t aware of when we started the building process. We would recommend this builder for someone looking more a more traditional PNW style home.

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Jeremy J.

23:12 17 Oct 22

My wife and I were going back and forth on a house plan where we go and find a builder or having Coval Homes build a house for us. After a few months talking to Miranda while our BLA was being finalized, we ended up picking a house plan using SIPs. Miranda has been amazing with helping get our questions answered and walking through what needs to happen if we were to choose one of their home plans. We were super close to use Coval homes to build our house but my wife and I really like this other floor plan which is pretty different from a traditional home.Thank you very much Coval, you have been very professional and exceeded our expectations.

I was very impressed with Miranda Beagley and her knowledge of the services that Coval Homes provides. I was also impressed by her responsiveness to the many questions that I had as well as her patience in the planning process in its varied aspects.

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05:23 26 Aug 22

Coval Homes has been the best choice I've made all year! I did a lot of deep diving before choosing a home builder. Price per sqft, contract deposit amount, contingency fees, etc.. Gary and his team have exceeded all my expectations, they make building a home simple by explaining the process step by step.Their preferred lenders, contractors, and specialists will provide you great value with the knowledge they've acquired. I look forward to building more properties with Coval Homes.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (24)

James G.

02:36 25 Aug 22

When we were uncertain about going forward with our project, due to site development trials, Coval Homes went above and beyond restoring our faith to press forward. When it came time to order our architectural home plans we had a ton of questions and things we wanted to understand about the floorplan and various options. Gary was gracious, patient and quick to get any answers. As we go through the build process we will update this review to reflect what we learned.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (25)

Darlene R.

16:25 14 Aug 22

I am looking to downsize in the near future, and would like to have a one story home built. I contacted Coval Homes and have been working with Miranda to get some ideas on how to accomplish this goal successfully.I have lived in my current home for over 20 years and it gives me anxiety to think about moving.Miranda has kept me up to date regarding financing, building costs, land purchase etc.I am confident with her help It will be a smooth transition. Thank-you for your support!

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J N.

17:37 05 Aug 22

My wife and I met with Gary O'neil towards the end of June to ask Coval Homes if they could build our home. After we told Gary the House Plan that we are interested in, he did not waste time to print and showed us the plan's details and explained all the options that are affordable within our budget.Gary then took us to the show rooms to pick the materials/ finishes that we like. My wife and I couldn't help but notice not only Gary's patience, friendly and caring attitude, but his demeanor and professionalism really showed. Truly a good asset and an excellent representative to Coval Homes!We realized it is early in the building process, but after meeting with two other potential builders, Gary's positive attitude, good communication skills, knowledge and expertise was instrumental on our decision to chose Coval Homes to build our forever home that incorporates some of Universal/Aging-in-place design elements. Thank you Gary.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (27)

Adonis P.

23:38 29 Jul 22

My wife and I are first time looking for a custom built and we have found Coval home with great floor plans. Joey is very professional, helpful, responsive and always happy when you need help or have questions. He provide great customer service and he understand the product very well.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (28)

Hai H.

02:47 19 Jul 22

If you have never built a home before I would definitely suggest reaching out to Coval homes! They are very helpful and will guide you through the process, I would recommend this company to anyone looking to build their home!

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Dan F.

17:06 20 May 22

Our experience with Coval Homes has been very satisfying. From our first call to to Guy Silbaugh who always treated us with the utmost respect and was truly caring and very helpful with our home plan. He always had answers to our many questions. And was always there when we called. When we decided on a home plan he was very knowledgeable with his experience in the business. He made it easy for us to understand the process of having a home built. After researching several other builders. We believe we have chosen the absolute best in Guy Silbaugh and Coval Homes.It’s been about 1 year since we started this adventure. Today we are able to start moving in to our beautiful retirement home. While it is not a fast pace to build new homes given city,county,and state guidelines and let us not forget this pandemic. We started this project with high expectations from Coval Homes.They did not let us down all interactions with their workforce was always positive and productive. We do recommend Coval Homes foryour dream home they have done a great job on ours. We would especially like to thank Brett and Linda. They have worked closely with us and made this project possible.Hector &PennyJasso

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Hector P J.

02:53 05 Feb 22

Wonderful! I have had a great time with friends always!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (31)

Jessica C.

21:02 22 Jan 22

Gary walked us through everything with a marvelous attention to detail. He has a helpers spirit and a pleasure to work with.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (32)

Debra M.

23:20 18 Jan 22

Called to ask questions and the customer service was amazing!

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15:55 05 Dec 21

We just had our house built by Coval and overall we are extremely happy. All of the subs were awesome to work with as well as our project supervisor Brandon. He kept us on track and got us in the house a week before my wife was due. Overall it was a great experience and the end product is awesome. There are a few minor things that need to be completed and so far I have been kept in the loop about the status. I will update my post if there are any changes in my experience. I highly recommend Coval Homes and have referred them numerous times

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (34)

jeff K.

02:14 24 Sep 21

We chose to work with Coval based on their functional house designs and fast build time. We started precovid and endured the county construction shutdown, covid restrictions, and supply shortages. However, our project manager Brandon Stowe, was communicating with us the entire time. He answered all our questions and concerns and really seemed to care about delivering a structure that we can call home.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (35)

Alyssa F.

14:46 30 Aug 21

My brand new home is beautiful and I couldn't be happier with the process of it. I found the house I was looking for by Coval after a year of looking. My project manager Brandon Stowe was amazing. His communication throughout the process was outstanding. There was a small issue on the pierce county permit due to loose gravel. I called Brandon frustrated with the county. Not only did he calm me down he explained it was a word choice issue on the site plan. I updated it and it was good to go. His all around knowledge of the building process saved me from so many headaches I can't thank him and the Coval Homes family enough.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (36)

Matt S.

21:27 20 Aug 21

My wife and I met with Gary in the Port Orchard office last week. In about 2 and one half hours Gary had us through the entire process. Gary was very attentive to our questions and our changes that we wanted. He did a great job explaining the process of having Coval build a home for us. Looking forward to seeing the home as it's built!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (37)

Gerald L.

22:42 19 Jul 21

When our build started, we were assigned a new project manager for our home. At first we were worried, however, any concerns were quickly removed as Brandon demonstrated his knowledge and experience. When ever issues arose, he clearly communicated to us and was transparent. He always provided us with solutions or alternatives to keep the build on schedule. Brandon provided an excellent customer experience throughout this process and we are extremely satisfied that we were assigned him as our project manager.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (38)

Aaron C.

15:32 17 Jun 21

We went through Coval homes and worked with Brandon (project manager) for the majority of the project. He was nothing but great, very responsive, on time, always answered any questions we had. The structure of the house seemed very sounds while being built and turned out amazing we Would definitely use them again!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (39)

Cody S.

19:41 10 Jun 21

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (40)

Raymond P.

01:24 17 May 21

So far a great experience. Gary is knowledgeable and nice to work with.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (41)

Kelly D.

19:08 03 May 21

Every person that I interacted with at your company was responsive and customer focused!Integrity, enthusiasm, and honesty drew us to Coval Homes.Hard work, excellent communications, and outstanding craftsmanship are how Coval Homes paid us back for trusting them to build our new house.We are extremely happy, and positive that we made an outstanding choice using Coval Homes for our new house build.Coval’s Floor Plan flows conveniently and functionally; it’s outstanding to have a brand- new beautiful home, everyone loves the kitchen!Coval, thank you for providing us with such an excellent value!Phil and Laura Jenkins

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21:13 30 Apr 21

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (43)

Jacob M.

12:53 15 Apr 21

We are in the early stages of having our dream home built with Coval and so far our experience has been AMAZING. Joey has helped walk us through all of the early planning and the Coval team has been extremely timely with all of their responses. The process of permitting with the county is a drag, but this has no relation to Coval and their incredible services. They have been the one pleasant and fun piece of our home building process so far and we're excited to get permitting and start building!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (44)

Mandy K.

18:29 02 Apr 21

I have just started my early phase planning for a home build and have talked to many builders. I have been talking to Guy at Coval and so far he has been the most helpful and responsive. I will update again if we are able to move forward with a build in their area. Thank you for the info Guy!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (45)

Michelle K.

17:13 17 Mar 21

We have just begun the process of building our home with Coval Homes. Joey was very professional, upfront with costs for the project. Looking forward to the construction

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (46)

John Von A.

03:55 16 Mar 21

We weren’t exactly looking for a new home the same as everyone else, as we know all the big players in new construction. We started our search based on floor plan design, and we soon learned of the reputation of Coval. It was an easy decision once we met with Joey, our Coval contact, who has been fantastic, punctual when answering the multitude of seemingly inane questions that arise when undertaking such a momentous task as building a new home. From the little tweaks, to major customizations, Joey has been nothing short of marvelous. Getting to final plans has been remarkably easy with the expert guidance, knowledge, understanding and flexibility of Coval Homes.We have been strikingly impressed and ultimately relieved with the process, and we ultimately believe this is, because Coval Homes genuinely cares about people first, the quality second, and they acknowledge that quality people live in quality homes for many, many decades.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (47)

sarah Z.

04:55 12 Mar 21

Kind, informative, and transparent agent. I was very happy with the conversation we had with Joey. If we buy land in the Coval area, we will definitely have Coval build our home.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (48)

Jeremy L.

04:06 10 Mar 21

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (49)

Chris W.

02:45 05 Mar 21

We went in and were treated so well as a family. Joey took the time to hear what we wanted and needed and we were so pleased with the quality of service and the ability to meet our needs that we signed and bought our home that day! We look forward to the next 2 years of working a building our forever home with such an amazing company and team of reputable people!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (50)

Kaila W.

21:34 03 Mar 21

Gary at Coval was truly outstanding! He was very friendly, professional, & above all, TIMELY in all our dealings with him. After dealing with another builder for 2 plus months & not getting anywhere, it was such a relief & so refreshing to deal with Gary & Coval. Within a week after first reaching out to Gary, we had a house plan picked out, modified with what we wanted to have, recommendations for companies to help with the permitting process & the required dirt work, and signed the home purchase order. My wife & I recommend Gary & Coval very highly!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (51)

Jim T.

19:27 26 Feb 21

Joey has been a great consultant! Really fast replies and has gone above and beyond to help answer all my questions. The homes standards are so much better than we expected also! Bigger windows and most of the standards are already "upgraded" so there wasn't much we wanted or needed to upgrade! Very pleased with Joey and the team at Coval homes!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (52)

Rebecca V.

18:57 25 Jan 21

I have been working with Joey since July of 2020. We are planning to build our forever home. Joey has been extremely helpful and informative. The marketing team is amazing. The pictures on their website are 3 dimensional so you can get an exact idea of what your home will look like. Their showroom is equally amazing. They have samples of all the amenities so you can pick out exactly what you want in your home. They have so many choices to choose from. Joey is quick to answer any questions you have. I can't wait to start the process!!!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (53)

nichole E.

17:52 15 Jan 21

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (54)

Dani H.

03:05 20 Dec 20

Even though we did not end up using Coval homes for our project, I have nothing but good things to say about how i was listened to, respected and treated by Coval Homes associate Joey Harman. Joey went out of his way to guide and direct our search, answering our questions and providing service and patience that went beyond the typical including answering a pressing question while off work hours. Coval products, pricing, and customer service are quality all the way. The only reason we did not move forward is because our situation required a specific layout, all having to be contained within a very limited lot dimension that most would find unsuitable. With that said please dont hesitate to contact Coval Homes, and Joey Harman in particular for your future building project. You will not be disappointed and highly unlikely be in the minority to go someplace else like we did. Better price...Better value...Better service !! at Coval Homes.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (55)

Daniel and Jonathan S.

21:51 08 Dec 20

Joey at coval hones is very prompt in keeping in communication, very reliable and honest. Definitely recommend him for future home builds.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (56)

Khelsie A.

00:54 05 Dec 20

We met with Joey ones over the phone and once in person to plan our new home. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the care and professionalism he exudes. I can only imagine the quality of other staff they have given how great it was. We just signed to build our home with Coval a couple days ago but are already impressed with the process so far! The app and online communication portal is so convenient and helpful!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (57)

Michelle B.

14:58 10 Nov 20

We are working with them to finalize selection of a home model that they will build for us. Gary O'Neill has been fantastic through this whole process. We actually started a year ago, then the pandemic hit, now we are picking up again, found land, and working with him to modify plans to fit on the property. He is very responsive to all our requests for changes to interior design, upgrades and is quick to answer questions. So far a great experience.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (58)

Jerry S.

15:19 05 Nov 20

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (59)

Nathan M.

00:35 18 Oct 20

We contacted Coval homes with the desire to receive information and hopefully build within the next. year. Joey was our first contact and was wonderful. We met, picked out a house plan and went over options. He kept in contact with us, checking in regularly while we were selling our home. He was always so understanding, kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. We have decided not to move forward with building in King County for personal reasons; however, if we were to decide to in the future, we will definitely contact Joey and use Coval Homes. With things being so impersonal in the world right now it was a blessing to have a company be so personable and easy to work with. Thanks Joey! We appreciate all of your help.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (60)

Wendy J.

04:39 13 Oct 20

Working with Joey has been a great experience through the initial home selection/design process. He listens to our ideas, offers ideas and responds with new plans, questions and concerns promptly. Joey is very easy to work with, very professional and delivers on what he says he's going to do. It gives us a comfortable feeling that we'll have a great relationship through the whole process which is hard to find in many companies today. We look forward to sharing our experiences along the way.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (61)

Bill G.

20:43 02 Oct 20

The stuff are very nice and very informative.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (62)

Ala C.

20:22 24 Sep 20

Working with Joey has been a great experience. He was professional, friendly, prompt with responses and made us feel at total ease. He had great ideas, was so helpful and easy going. Deciding to build with Coval was a no brainer, and we talked to many, many builders before them. Joey made the whole process stupid easy! We look forward to working with them and will recommend them to everyone we know!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (63)

Emily S.

19:52 21 Sep 20

My family built our home thru Coval, and we were very, very happy with the results! Gary helped walk us thru the entire process as this was our first time building a home. We had lots of freedom when it came to upgrades, and it was a very good experience. My kids loved being a part of the design process, and Gary and his team were very welcoming when we needed to bring the whole family in. Communication was great, and all the contractors were amazing. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (64)

Stephanie L.

23:40 13 Feb 20

Working with them is a breeze! You’ll be glad you did.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (65)

Michael N.

04:56 08 Jan 20

We got the pleasure of meeting and working with Joey. He is extremely knowledgeable, had exceptional customer service skills and a great sense of humor as my husband and I joked with him. Joey didn’t push any upgrade as most sells reps do, in fact Joey waited to the end before telling us about one of the promotions so we wouldn’t fell pressured. Joey is absolutely amazing and he made us feel very welcomed and treated us like family.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (66)

Cori C.

23:31 30 Dec 19

My ‘experience’ is through Shannon. I own my land and home free and clear and am hoping my friend Shannon wins the contest bc she deserves it. She has a young family. Shannon has always been a hard worker. I have known her since she was 16 years old.

Life is always better when the property you live on and the roof over your head is YOURS! Hopefully this will happen for Shannon’s family.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (67)

Jennie Monast M.

11:34 10 Aug 19

It has been a long journey (finding buildable land and navigating the permit process), but we are finally one week away from closing and breaking ground. From the moment we stepped into Sam's office, we felt we mattered. After seeing the 2734 model, we fell in love and knew that was going to be our forever home. ❤️ Ed and Sam have gone above and beyond, helping us through the selection and pre-construction process...and being so patient with us when things became a little overwhelming. I'm so glad you're here with us, every step of the way...and being a part of our Happily Ever After. -Shannon

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (68)

Shannon M.

18:25 25 Jul 19

Great home builder!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (69)

David K.

19:28 05 Jul 19

When we were shopping for a builder to build a home on land we already owned, Coval was by far the most responsive as far as answering our questions and getting us the information we asked for - no matter how many questions we had. When we selected them for our build, their customer service continued to shine. We had a delay in getting the building permit which had nothing to do with Coval. They helped where they could and promised me that they were ready to start on the house just as soon as we had the permit in hand. Once we got the permit, they got started right away. The subs have shown up on the day they were promised and everything has gone as scheduled. The representatives from Coval have continued to be there to answer our questions and concerns. It has been a true partnership. We are currently 30-45 days from home completion. I would absolutely recommend Coval to anyone looking for an honest, straightforward and reliable builder.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (70)

Kristin Lipke E.

13:42 31 May 19

We absolutely love our new Coval Home, it's the 2734 model. The best thing about our build was our Superintendent Brendan. He was on top of the build through out the whole process. We had a complex build due to the architectectural changes that we wanted and the flooring, cabinets, doors and fireplace upgrades. There were a lot of different things going on during our build that normally wouldn't be going on. Brendan never missed a beat, if I had any questions I would call him and he would explain it to me. Everyone at Coval Homes made my wife and I feel more like family members than customers from start to finish. I would recommending Coval Homes to all of my friends, family and anyone else that would like a new custom home built. They gave us a completion date at the beginning of the build and we received our keys three days before that date. Thanks Brendan and all of the great folks at Coval Homes.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (71)

Ron J.

18:17 17 Dec 18

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (72)

Michael M.

16:33 04 Mar 18

Well experienced team of loving people that walked us through the whole process. Would recommend to anyone!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (73)

MacKenzie L.

07:55 01 Jan 18

Very experienced team of caring people. Felt like we were a priority throughout the whole process!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (74)

Makaylyn C.

07:21 01 Jan 18

They have fantastic customer service. They make you feel very welcome, almost like you're a member of the family. You feel like you're really being cared for rather than just being seen as dollar signs. I know where I'll be directing any friends who need the same services.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (75)

Justin C.

05:40 01 Jan 18

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (76)

Eric G.

04:58 01 Jan 18

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (77)


04:47 01 Jan 18

Coval Homes did a great job in building our home, and allowing picky me to have a few custom features that were not standard. I really appreciate their honesty and online Builder Assist Program that keeps you apprised to what is happening on your project. Also it lays out the additional costs for any upgrades so there is no surprises at the end. We built the 2734 sq foot rambler and absolutely love it. We have been living it it now for 2 years and all is good. We are happy with our home and the appraised value of our home over what we paid is phenomenal. Thank you Coval Homes! 5 Stars too you!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (78)


19:00 20 Dec 17

They have great home designs, follow up and are there for the whole process. Thank you Jill !

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (79)

Steve M.

17:39 06 Dec 17

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (80)

Kelly O.

03:19 10 Nov 17

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (81)

Tricia D

05:50 23 Dec 23

The process of building a home is stressful and unpredictable, especially if it is a first home build. Coval did a rather good job of helping the process but our project manager, Brandon, made all the difference. He was very responsive and professional, even when our questions were silly and showed our ignorance of the process. Building during a pandemic added to the complexity and frustration of building a home, yet Brandon did his utmost to navigate through the craziness and when he wasn't able to find an immediate solution... as in supply chain issues leading to back orders... he explained the situation and gave us constant updates. Building a home is an exercise in frustration and patience, but Gary on the front end of the process and Brandon on the back end made all the difference. We would recommend Coval.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (82)

Heidi H.

21:18 11 Oct 21

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (83)

Karen E.

02:05 01 Sep 21

We have loved working with Coval on our home build, especially with our project manager, Jenille. She is great at multitasking, is always responsive and prompt, and has kept us in the loop every step of the way. The quality of the standard features is amazing and sets Coval apart from all other building companies. I would recommend Coval Homes to anyone looking to build!

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (84)

Randi W.

20:59 27 May 21

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (85)

Logan P.

21:02 27 Jun 19

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (86)

Jason B.

03:08 13 Dec 18

We’ve been in the market for a house for a while now and the whole process is a bit daunting. Working with Jordan Dunmire has been great. He’s very helpful and kind. He put our needs first and is able to answer all our questions and help with the concerns we have.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (87)

Amber W.

05:26 01 Jan 18

My wife and I purchased the 2734 floor plan, and we're happy we went through Coval Homes. We live in an area where all the homes are newer and built by 4 or 5 different builders. We get compliments ALL the time from our neighbors as Coval's signature oversize windows stand out among all the rest.When I contacted Coval initially, I knew absolutely NOTHING about building a home. In fact, I'm not even allowed to do repairs at home :)! My wife banned me long ago..Gary was patient and connected me with a knowledge Realtor who guided me through the process. I have since recommended Coval to everyone I know who are thinking about buying or building a house. It's a lot less expensive to build than to buy in this market, so to me it is was a no brainer.Like any major project, there were a couple of little bumps in the road, but my Project Manager (ED) handled business and made sure things were taken care of to my satisfaction. Ed was on top of his game, and his attention to detail and customer service was world class.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (88)

fred J.

18:45 14 Aug 17

Everyone all at Coval Homes were so sincere, it was evident that this was going to be a personal experience. We did not want a box house...Coval Homes was so flexible and willing to work with us. We would absolutely recommend Coval Homes to our neighbors and friends. Thanks Coval

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (89)

Jerry W.

16:41 14 Aug 17

I contracted Coval homes to build a house in Shelton, WA. Gary was very helpful at the beginning of the process and very understanding of my situation after loosing some money with Hilinehomes extremely increasing the prices before getting the permits. Sadly during the construction process the construction manager Cliff, was very rude and always protective to the company, when subcontractors installed the vapor barrier under the floor, they blocked the water drainage and water got stuck in the crawlspace. Cliff was very defensive, then water heater was installed not as shown on the blue prints preventing me to park my truck in the garage, again Cliff was very defensive and rude arguing that the water heater needed more room around according to the plumber. I found the installation directions and there was an addendum which allows the water heater to be installed according to the blue prints. Cliff completely ignored and just dropped the keys in the house with a complete lack of customer satisfaction. I contacted Gary and he just limited to say that it was not his department and recommended to contact Cliff’s supervisor, I did it so and my email was ignored, then Gary suggested to ask for the water heater being moved to the right place, then Coval homes wanted to charge $1800.00 for the labor 😂. Very ridiculous way to provide customer satisfaction.

Cottonwood Multi-Gen - Coval Homes (90)

Javier Pérez G.

20:49 30 Sep 23

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