Garnet Meaning, Healing Benefits, Zodiac Birthstone, Chakra Healing (2024)

Top 3 Benefits of Garnet

  1. Excellent for healing, grounding, and protection
  2. Boosts love and sensuality and rejuvenates relationships
  3. Helps manifest creative ideas into reality

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What is Garnet Stone Good For?

Garnet is a stone of strong, intense feelings and emotions–perhaps because it contains fire underneath its surface. Through the years, stories and folklore sought to give Garnet meaning and understand its healing properties. Why does this stone burn with such a mesmerizing fire? Why does it bring such calm in times of distress? Garnet benefits a lot of people through millennia, that’s for sure. But in these modern times, how can it help you in your daily life?

The word Garnet finds its origins in the Latin word granatum which means pomegranate. Garnets vary in size from those as small as a grain of sand to those as large as an apple. People tend to picture Garnets as deep, rich, red stones when in fact, Garnets come in a vast array of colors as well.

Garnets are known by many cultures as the Stone of Health primarily because it has a very transformative energy about it. This energy transforms negative energy into a more beneficial state. It also helps heal the spirit if used in meditation. It’s a powerful grounding stone that balances and aligns a person’s chakra system. It induces strength, endurance, courage, and hope in especially tough situations. It has the ability to help a person let go of old and harmful behavior patterns while empowering their other abilities. This stone empowers creativity and all creative pursuits

Most interesting of all, however, is Garnet’s ability to intensify one’s love, passion, and sex drive. It also acts as a confidence booster when you’re unsure and insecure about yourself. Not only is it a very practical stone, but it’s also a stone you can use to rev up your intimate life.

What Are the Healing Properties of Garnet?

Garnet’s spiritual healing benefits focus mainly on protection and balance. Generally speaking, all Garnets have a highly protective influence that shields the owner from negative energies and frequencies. People have even placed Garnets under their pillows to help fight bad dreams. On the other hand, Garnet provides stability and balance to the spirit. The balance that Garnets provide helps uplift the person’s entire mood and even attitude.

Garnet’s naturally protective nature is also expressed in its emotional healing benefits. This stone heals emotional problems, that’s why it’s handy to have in difficult situations. It is a symbol of hope and courage and prevents fears and insecurity from getting in the way of balanced judgment. This stone is also particularly lucky for those who seek love and success. And for those who wish to love themselves more, Garnets also boost a person’s self-esteem. Lastly, for those undergoing a long period of mourning, Garnets can calm the spirit so it can heal from emotional pain.

As for its mental healing properties, Garnets have been used to transform negative energy into a more positive and beneficial form. That’s why meditating with this stone can help strengthen the mind in such a way that times of crisis will be viewed as challenges. Garnet also activates and strengthens a person’s survival instincts to help get them out of a bad situation without faltering or breaking down.

Garnet for Chakra Healing and Balancing

All Garnets have the power to cleanse and re-energize the chakras. All of them facilitate a healthy movement of energy and light along the spinal column. That being said, red, green, and even dark gold to orange Garnets still differ in the chakra points they directly affect.

Red Garnets stimulate the Base (or Root) Chakra–the foundation of the body’s physical and spiritual energy. This chakra point is located at the base of the spine and controls bodily feeling and movement. If unbalanced, a person might feel lethargic, disconnected from reality, distant, disloyal, and have a constant need for stimulation. Red Garnets help bring back the life and vitality in a person as it connects them to the grounding energy of the earth.

Green Garnets, on the other hand, regulates and strengthens the Heart Chakra. This chakra point is responsible for our interaction with the external world. This includes our relationship with ourselves and the people around us. If this chakra point is unbalanced, a person may become too controlling or too susceptible to being controlled. An unbalanced Heart Chakra can also make a person react too strongly to everyday stimuli. Green Garnets help a person relax and understand their emotions and sustain healthy and long-lasting relationships.

The dark gold to orange colors of the Spessartine Garnet resonate heavily with the Sacral and the Solar Plexus Chakras. The Sacral Chakra is located just below the navel and above the pubic bone. This chakra point is basically the center of the life force of a person. If the Sacral Chakra is unbalanced, a person might have a hard time feeling happiness or intimacy. They tend to be bitter and frustrated all the time. But Spessartine Garnets can help boost a person’s pleasures in life, as it allows them to enjoy themselves and be secure in their own bodies and mind.

Lastly, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the body’s energy distribution center and is the first of the chakras of relationships. This chakra point is located between the rib cage and the navel. If out of balance, a person might become susceptible to infections and be fearful and disappointed in everything. However, a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra can reinforce a person’s willpower and creativity. This stone empowers a person to face the world and respect their own truth.

Red vs. Green Garnet

Garnet is not just a single mineral. It’s a family of closely-related minerals which differ in their chemical compositions. Despite this, these crystals still possess similar properties and crystal forms. Garnets are, in fact, nesosilicates–silicates incorporated with other elements that contribute to their color and appearance. The chemical aspect of their composition is rather complicated, but it all boils down to the fact that each variety of Garnet has a different chemical composition. That’s why aside from their color and appearance, Garnets also vary in hardness, registering at around 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

To put it simply, Garnets with Aluminum in their composition are mostly red (Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine). On the other hand, Garnets with Calcium in their composition are mostly green, though this category can also include yellow, pink, blue, and cream-colored varieties. But under these two broad categories, a lot of sub-categories and species can occur, depending on the chemical composition and the stone’s element ratio.

Types of Red Garnet

Almandine Garnet

Almandine Garnets are the most common Garnets. Their colors range from dark red to even black, though rich brown overtones can be detected in the color of this stone. This type of Garnet is said to be intimately tied to the earth and is an incredible talisman of protection. Almandines provide the willpower and the strength to avoid all negative things. Almandines work best for the Root Chakra and is also known as the stone of physical love and relationships.

Pyrope Garnet

Pyrope is the only variety of Garnet to always display a natural, deep red color in all natural samples. Pyropes are valued for their transparency and their lack of flaws when mined. Pyropes are mined from ultramafic rocks (very low silica content). Pyropes are also called the “living fire” because its red never wavers. This is a stone of inspiration and bestows charisma and vitality to the owner. Pyropes align the Base and the Crown Chakras with each other to make a person’s connection to the earth and the universe a lot stronger. This type of Garnet coordinates all the creative powers within the self while also stimulating warmth and gentleness.

Spessartine Garnet

Spessartine Garnet is an orange to red variety of Garnet. This variety always occurs as a blend with other varieties. Stones with a higher Spessartine content have a light orange color, while Spessartines with a bit more Almandine tend to be red or brownish in color. Because of its vibrant orange hue, this Garnet is called as the Garnet of the Sun. This stone is said to activate the analytical processes of the mind and encourage good mental activity. It’s also said that this stone helps eliminate fears and provide the confidence needed to change one’s life. Because it is an orange stone, Spessartines stimulate the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It is said to awaken a person’s creative energy and empowers a person’s will to do great things.

Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite Garnet is a combination of Pyrope and Almandine, but is generally classified as a variety of Pyrope. This purple stone gets its name from the Rhododendron flower. This is regarded by many as the stone of inspiration because it inspires love by stimulating the heart and the mind. It boosts a person’s self-worth and is an important stone that helps a person recover from sexual abuse, guilt, or shame. This particular variety of Garnet supports the Base, Heart, and Crown Chakras. People also use it to lighten their mood and to help them move forward in life.

Types of Green Garnet

Grossular Garnet

This variety of Garnet has the most variety of colors. Pure Grossular is colorless, but impurities cause this stone to have a wide range of colors like yellow, gold, orange, scarlet, and red. Different varieties of Grossulars have their own names. Examples of Grossular Garnets include the orange-brown Hessonite and the deep green Tsavorite. This deeply spiritual stone symbolizes hope, empowerment, and the nurturing love of Mother Earth. It’s also known by many to be the stone of prosperity and abundance. Grossular Garnets balance the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras, depending on their color. Grossulars encourage gratitude, service, and altruism.

Uvarovite Garnet

Uvarovites is the rarest of all the familiar Garnets and is rarely cut as a gemstone. Uvarovites have a deep chrome-green color and are the only variety of Garnet that comes in only one color. Uvarovites occur in small, uniform, sparkling crystals that usually cover a larger rock. Sometimes, high-quality Uvarovites may be big enough to be made into Garnet jewelry. This stone stimulates the Heart Chakra and encourages healthy, spiritual relationships. This stone was first reported in 1832 by Germain Henry Hess and was named after the affluent Russian aristocrat Count Sergey S. Uvarov. Uvarovites have since been found and mined in Russia, England, Poland, India, Australia, South Africa, and the US (Arizona and New Mexico)

Andradite Garnet

Andradites are Calcium-Iron Garnets that can be red, yellow, green, brown, or black in color. Of all the Garnet varieties, Andradite is the most lustrous and has varieties under it. This variety of Garnet is known as the stone of strength and safety. Andradites balance and align the Base, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras. This stone is said to dispel feelings of isolation and alienation. At the same time, Andradites also attract intimate and meaningful connections with others.


These stones are olive-green to emerald-green in color and are one of the rarest and most valuable stones in the world. They’re basically the star of the Andradite Garnet family. Demantoids get their green color from the element Chromium. This is surely the most brilliant and expensive of all Garnets. Interestingly, this is one of the favorite gemstones of Karl Faberge and was discovered in Russia in the mid-1800s. Since then, Demantoids have been discovered and mined in Afghanistan, Italy, Korea, Madagascar, Zaire, China, and the US.


Melanite is a lustrous but opaque and is usually black or deep dark red in color. Melanites are commonly referred to as the “Titanian Andradite.” Melanites are very powerful psychic protection and grounding stones. But they also stimulate and enhance a person’s creative energy. Melanites are said to invoke the energy of magic and connect the owner to elemental forces. Aside from connecting you with ethereal forces, it also helps you communicate and strengthen your inner power. Melanites are found in Italy, Greenland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico and the US.


Topazolite is usually yellow to brownish-yellow in color. High-quality Topazolites can be cut into a faceted gem but these are generally rarer than demantoids. You may be able to get some Topazolite jewelry and rough stones, but they’re going to cost you a pretty penny. Many people agree that this stone imparts a lot of love, compassion, and luck in establishing relationships. It rekindles passion and helps its owner break away from a dark past. It is a stone that encourages growth and opportunity and gives its owner the strength to move forward in life.

Garnet: Zodiac Signs and Birthstones

Garnet is the traditional birthstone for January. Though, to be clear, the type of Garnet associated with the month of January is the red variety. Note though that all types of Garnets have an affinity for everyone who needs grounding, stability, and protection.

Red Garnets are the stones associated with the signs Aries (March 21-April 19), Leo (July 23-August 22), Virgo (August 23-September 22), Capricorn (December 22-January 19), and Aquarius (January 20-February 18).

Generally, these signs at their best are lively, optimistic, ambitious, creative, and reliable. Red Garnets can help them cultivate these traits even more so they can be the best that they can be. The downside is, at these signs’ worst, they can be stubborn, immature, overcritical, controlling, and inconsistent. The healing properties of Red Garnets can help them balance and align their first three chakra points, which rule over their intuition, relationships, and spiritual energy.

On the other hand, Green Garnets, specifically the Uvarovite Garnet, are very helpful for Taurus (April 20-May 20) and Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Zodiac signs. The Zodiac sign Taurus is known for being generous, dependable, and independent. At its worst, Taurus can be stubborn, lazy, and have a vile temper.

On the other hand, Aquarius is friendly, intelligent, and loyal, but can be unpredictable, inconsistent, and stubborn. The green color energy of Green Garnets can help calm their hearts and communicate their feelings properly in times of extreme pressure and stress.

Garnet and Planetary Connection

Garnet gemstones are said to be ruled by the planet Mars. Named after the Roman god of war and agriculture, Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system. This planet controls a person’s conflict style, reaction to anger, motivation in getting their needs fulfilled, and most importantly, their sex drive. Mars rules over the Zodiac sign Aries (March 21-April 20). Aries tends to be impulsive, quick-witted, and highly motivated. Their first instinct is to take action immediately.

This planet is also associated with anger and combat. In other words, a person’s Mars placement gives a clue on how they deal with conflicts, misunderstandings, and fights. For example, people whose Mars is in Taurus have powerful tempers especially when they’re pushed to their limits. They tend to have control over their emotions unless they have a lot of Aries placements in their charts.

Garnets bring serenity or passion as appropriate and because of that, it can temper aggressive highs or lows for people, depending on their Mars placements. This stone can also be helpful during sex and intimacy. We have a separate section on that below.

Garnet and the Elements

The world was once believed to be made of a combination of four elements plus a fifth and special one. Red Garnet, in particular, is said to be ruled and powered by two elements: the element of Fire and the element of Earth while Green Garnet stones are more affiliated with the Earth element.

The element of Fire symbolizes both creation and destruction. It is an active element that always seeks to transform. A crystal that’s infused with the element of fire is said to increase a person’s energy and life force, provide enthusiasm, and protect the aura and the mind from psychic attacks. Fire element crystals also have a tendency to purify impure objects, spaces, thoughts, etc.

Meanwhile, the element of Earth is the principal element in the body. Earth element stones encourage prosperity, abundance, and growth. These stones are good for grounding, centering, and stabilizing energy. Stones that have a strong Earth energy protects a person’s or a place’s energy field while attracting money, success, and strength. Earth element stones are also used to improve a person’s fertility and ability to care for plants and other living creatures.

Garnet and Numerology

Everything in this world is made of energy. From the books we read to the crystals in our collections, we are surrounded by energy and we exchange it with others on a daily basis. Crystals are also made up of energy, and their vibrational frequency indicates how well they resonate with our own energies and that of our intentions.

Measuring vibrational frequency is a tricky business. Overall, crystal experts agree that there are two main methods of getting this number. The first is by using scientific tools like digital multimeters. This measures the frequency of an object in Hertz (Hz).

The other method uses numerology. In this method, each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number. Then, the English name of a crystal is “translated” into numbers. These numbers are then added up until a single digit remains. Red Garnets are said to resonate with the number 2, while Green Garnets resonate with the number 7.

The number two represents the Diplomat because this number resonates so well with the vibrations of service, duty, balance, and harmony. People who find meaning in this number are charming and friendly. Wherever they go, they bring peace, harmony, and balance. When put under difficult situations, their best side shines with justice, selflessness, faith, and trust. But during their worst, they can be indifferent, unable to take responsibility, are pessimistic, dependent, and unemotional. The number 2 resonates with sacred feminine energy.

On the other hand, the number 7 resonates with Uvarovite Garnets the most. People who have an affinity for this number are known as Seekers. They have a high level of intuition and discernment that easily attunes them to the collective consciousness. They’re natural healers who are at best very thoughtful, understanding, and spiritual. Though sometimes, they can also be depressed, hypercritical, or overly dependent on other people and in their privileges. But overall, these people always see an infinite amount of possibilities in every person and situation.

Garnet for Sex and Intimacy

Not all relationships rely on sex as a form of intimacy. But ultimately, sex and intimacy are very closely tied to one another and are important factors and driving forces that propel a relationship forward.

Garnets are particularly powerful and helpful in keeping an intimate and sexual relationship among lovers. These crystals charge and energize the lower three chakras–the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Chakras–and also the Heart Chakra.

What does that mean? For one, it means that this stone has the capacity to make you feel confident in yourself–your sexuality, your personality, your good and bad traits. Aside from that, it also helps you trust and connect with other people not only on a sexual level but also on an emotional level.

Being able to provide any form of intimacy is tough because it requires trust and confidence in yourself. It also requires a certain level of communication and understanding to make your needs and wants known. While Red Garnets balance the lower three chakras, Green Garnets stabilize your Heart Chakra–the seat of your emotions and how you relate to others. In short, while Red Garnets help you with your physical connection, Green Garnets support your emotional connection with your partner.

Crystals to Combine with Garnet for Sex and Intimacy

Of course, Garnets aren’t the only stones you can rely on to boost your intimacy and sex life There are other crystals you can combine with Garnets to manifest your intention of improving your bedroom game.

Red Jasper

View Red Jasper Collection

Red Jaspers are known to boost a person’s libido and sexual appetite. This is a stone that balances and energizes the Sacral Chakra and all the organs related to it. This stone is particularly potent in increasing a man’s virility. It’s also known to enhance a person’s sensitivity and prolong sexual pleasure (read: more intense org*sms). In some cultures, Red Jaspers are called “Rain Bringers”, stones that bring life and vitality to people. It also resonates with the generous, giving energy of Mother Earth.


View Carnelian Collection

Carnelian, particularly the orange variety, is a powerful Sacral Chakra stone. A person’s Sacral Chakra controls their drive and desire–two things that are important to keep the fire in a relationship burning. If the Sacral Chakra isn’t balanced, it might lead to confusion, repression of feelings, inability to be happy, and fear of sensuality or sex The bright orange tones of Carnelian energizes and brings the Sacral Chakra back into its regular rhythm, as with all other orange stones and crystals. Carnelian is also known to revitalize the female sex organs and enhance a person’s sexuality.

Rose Quartz

View Rose Quartz Collection

The soft pink hues of Rose Quartz impart a gentle but powerful vibration of love and joy. It heals traumas and provides comfort to people who have gone through unimaginable pain. Most importantly, however, it deepens the trust and communication between partners. This means that if you have a hard time communicating your need for intimacy, meditating with this stone might help lift your worries and fears. Rose Quartz also empowers a person to love themselves. Self-love and confidence are important things to develop if you want to improve your romantic life.

How to Use Your Garnet Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

We’ve seen how Garnets ground and realign our chakras. We’ve seen how they influence our sex drive, passion, and relationships. We’ve also seen how it can be useful to bring out creativity and willpower within a person. But the biggest question now is how can we enjoy Garnet healing properties? There are lots of ways to incorporate Garnet gemstones into our lives and daily routines. We’ve listed some easy to follow routines below so you can enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful stone.

  1. Garnet Mala or prayer beads- Mala or prayer beads are used by Buddhist monks to keep track of their repetitions of mantras or invocations. There are usually 108 beads in one mala and that’s because it’s regarded as a sacred number. With your Garnet mala in hand, try reciting your own mantra for manifestation and let the energy of the Garnet beads resonate with your intentions and your voice.
  1. Garnet Jewelry- Wearing bracelets, rings, and necklaces made out of Garnet is like having a handy protective and grounding energy source wherever you go. Garnet jewelry, especially those that, when worn, can align with your first three chakras is pretty effective.
  1. Garnet tumbled stones- Tumbled stones are small pieces of stone that have been polished using a rock tumbler. They’re small, easy to carry, and very accessible. Most people use tumbled stones as worry stones–something to hold and fidget with during stressful situations. Because Garnet is a powerful grounding stone, it should be very effective during quick meditation breaks as well as full-on meditation sessions.
  1. Garnet stones near chakra points- Perhaps the most direct way to use your Garnet stones for chakra healing and balancing is placing them directly on or above the chakra points they’re supposed to influence the most. During meditation, you can either sit in a lotus position or lay down comfortably and place your Garnet stones on the chakra points you want to balance and stimulate.

Garnet in Folklore and Ancient Times

Garnet gemstones have been revered by numerous cultures for millennia. The Ancient Egyptians used the stone more than five thousand years ago. Evidence of the use of Garnet has also been found in ancient settlements in Sumer and in present-day Sweden that date back to around 2100-1000 BCE. Artifacts dating to the Bronze Age have been found in sites in Czechoslovakia (the present-day Czech Republic and Slovakia).

The Greeks and the Romans have a particular fondness for the stone. Pliny the Elder, the famous Roman historian, even referred to the Carbunculus of India, which are Garnets so large that they can be hollowed out into cups that can hold as much as a pint of liquid (473 mL).

But most cultures who have encountered the stone agree that within the brilliant facets of this stone lies the primordial fire. It’s the crystal that symbolizes the creation of the world out of chaos. It symbolized purification and love. That’s why Native Americans considered the stone sacred. Christians and Muslims alike held the stone for protection from injury and death during the crusades. Europe in the middle ages saw Garnets as powerful tools to uphold the truth and faith.

How Do You Care for Your Garnet?

Crystals and stones are conduits of very powerful energies that exist here on earth and in the other realms. That’s why their own energies can get clouded over time and through constant use.

People cleanse their crystals to get rid of the cloudiness or the residual energetic charge they get through use. If cleansing isn’t done properly or regularly, they might not be able to resonate with your intentions and your own spirit, making them unable to help you manifest your goals. Here are a couple of ways you can cleanse your Garnet crystal so you’d be able to enjoy its grounding and nourishing energies:

  1. Sunlight and Moonlight – The sun and moon are both powerful celestial bodies that make a huge impact on the energy and vibrational frequencies of crystals. Placing your Garnet stone outside on a full moon at around nightfall and getting them back the next morning is a great way to cleanse them. Your Garnet stones will receive the purifying energies of these two natural sources of light and should be ready for your next meditation session.
  1. Sound/Tibetan Singing Bowls – Tibetan Singing Bowls are a type of bell that’s used by Buddhist monks during meditation. It produces a deep tone when played and has very powerful healing properties. To cleanse your Garnet gemstone using this wonderful instrument, place your crystals close to your singing bowl and let it sound for 5-10 minutes, depending on how saturated or cloudy your crystals have become.
  1. Sage – Smudging is a purification ceremony to purge negative energies and thoughts from a person or a place. Sage is a particularly powerful cleansing tool and is one of the most common plants used in smudge sticks. To perform a smudging on your Garnet crystals, find a well-ventilated place to do the ceremony, preferably outdoors. Light the sage and hold your crystals with your dominant hand. Let the crystals soak the smoke for 30-60 seconds depending on their cloudiness.


We can’t deny that Garnet benefits all of us. This stone has been passed down through different generation. It’s a stone that grounds and enriches people’s lives. This stone not only helps a person with their spiritual and emotional well-being, but it also helps them connect with people and form meaningful, lifetime, and unconditional bonds filled with intimacy and trust. So, if you’re feeling flighty and disconnected, having a powerful and fiery stone such as Garnet will help you move forward in life with passion, vigor, humility, and most of all, hope.

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