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1. Lynne Tryforos, the 'other woman' in the love triangle - UPI

  • 20 mrt 1981 · Lynne Tryforos, the 'other woman' in the love triangle involving Jean Harris and 'Scarsdale Diet' author Herman Tarnower, refused Friday to ...

  • Lynne Tryforos, the 'other woman' in the love triangle involving Jean Harris and 'Scarsdale Diet' author Herman Tarnower, refused Friday to break the...

2. The Headmistress and the Diet Doctor - New York Magazine

  • 17 sep 2008 · She was Lynne Tryforos, 37, a comely blond employee of his Scarsdale Medical Group. She was two decades younger than the woman Tarnower had ...

  • From the March 31, 1980 issue of New York Magazine.

3. 1980: When a Celeb Doctor's Slaying Stunned Hollywood

  • 27 aug 2015 · ... Lynne Tryforos, 38. On March 10, 1980, Harris drove from Virginia, where she was the headmistress of an elite girls school, to Tarnower's 6 ...

  • Dr. Herman Tarnower's murder at the hands of his jealous lover, Jean Harris, became fodder for two TV movies: NBC's 'The People vs. Jean Harris' (1981) starring Ellen Burstyn and HBO's 'Mrs. Harris,' starring Annette Bening.

4. Herman Tarnower | Military Wiki - Fandom

  • ... Lynne Tryforos, who worked as a secretary in his office, which caused tension between Harris and Tarnower, although it was stated by Jean Harris that the ...

  • Herman Tarnower (March 18, 1910 – March 10, 1980) was an American cardiologist and co-author (with Samm Sinclair Baker) of the bestselling diet book The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet (1978). On March 10, 1980, just eight days before his 70th birthday, Tarnower was shot dead by Jean Harris. Harris was convicted of his murder in White Plains, New York in 1981. Herman Tarnower was born in Brooklyn, New York to Jewish immigrants, Harry and Dora Tarnower. Known to his friends as Hy, Tarnower had th

5. Speak, Memory | The New Yorker

6. Lynne Tryforos -

  • For people, this would include a biography, including a description of their early life and career; for films and TV shows: a plot + other information about ...

7. Jean S. Harris, Killer of Scarsdale Diet Doctor, Dies at 89 - The New York ...

  • 28 dec 2012 · ... Lynne Tryforos, a divorced woman who was then 37. For years Dr. Tarnower, a lifelong bachelor, had refused to marry Mrs. Harris. Now, as a ...

  • Mrs. Harris’s 1981 murder trial galvanized a nation mulling feminist perspectives with its story of vengeance by an aging woman scorned.

8. The Headmistress and the Diet Doc - Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

  • 11 jul 2014 · For several years now, Tarnower had also been having an affair with his office assistant Lynne Tryforos, but Jean had been under the impression ...

  • The year 1980 was not turning out so well for Jean Harris. Her job as headmistress at the Madeira School, an expensive, prestigious boa...

9. El crimen del médico que creó la Dieta Scarsdale - Infobae

  • 10 mrt 2020 · Comenzó una relación con una empleada de la clínica, Lynne Tryforos. Ella era 33 años más joven que el doctor y tenía casi 20 años menos que ...

  • El doctor Herman Tarnower, que era una celebridad mundial y se había convertido en millonario gracias a su dieta, fue asesinado en su mansión de las afueras de Nueva York hace 40 años. La asesina fue Jean Harris, una directora de escuela de 56 años que fue su amante durante más de una década

10. Jean Harris, killer of Scarsdale Diet doctor Herman Tarnower, dies at 89

  • 29 dec 2012 · But he was never faithful, and Harris in 1980 was driven mad by his affections for his 37-year-old office assistant, Lynne Tryforos. “You ...

  • SCANDAL: Jean Harris — in court in 1981 (left) — became a sensation in The Post after murdering her beau, Scarsdale Diet creator Dr. Herman Tarnower. ( )She was the ultimate woman scorned — and her…

11. Adultery: Jean Harris - Spreaker

  • This episode we talk about how Jean Harris dated Herman Tarnower for 14 years, while he was dating Lynne Tryforos half of the time they were together.

  • This episode we talk about how Jean Harris dated Herman Tarnower for 14 years, while he was dating Lynne Tryforos half of the time they were together. Eventuall

12. Jean Harris | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

  • Biography. Jean S. Harris was born Jean Struven in ... New York: MacMillan Publishing Company, 1986. ... Lynne Tryforos and repeatedly called Tryforos ...

  • Jean Harris is an American woman found guilty of shooting her ex-lover Dr. Herman Tarnower, the well-known cardiologist and author of the best-selling book The Scarsdale Diet.

13. Jean Harris, jealous killer of Scarsdale Diet creator, dies at 89

  • 30 dec 2012 · Harris was particularly jealous of Tarnower's office manager, Lynne Tryforos ... Harris and Tryforos ... Company info · Privacy policy · Link policy ...

  • With her regal bearing and patrician accent, Jean Harris seemed to be the very model of the classic girls' school headmistress. She was always the proper lady.

14. Jean Harris - Wikiwand

  • In the 1970s, Tarnower hired Lynne Tryforos, a ... Jean Harris' biography at The Biography Channel ... Give good old Wikipedia a great new look. chrome Install ...

  • Jean Struven Harris was the headmistress of The Madeira School for girls in McLean, Virginia, who made national news in the early 1980s when she was tried and convicted of the murder of her ex-lover, Herman Tarnower, a well-known cardiologist and author of the best-selling book The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet. The case is featured on the TV show Murder Made Me Famous.

15. What Famous Person is from your Hometown - INTERCOT Boards

  • - Lynn - ... He was a doc in my medical group Lynne Tryforos the” other woman” Lived a block away. ... Further Google searching and half of them had no other info ...

  • What famous person is from or lived in your hometown. Keep it to your own town (not a neighboring town), because if not we will have a very long list of people from all over your state. Mine would be Thomas Welch. He moved to Vineland and invited grape juice (non-alcoholic). He is also buried here too. What is your story. Mike Trout was also born in Vineland.

16. Family Doctor (Family Practitioner) Archives - Page 266 of 284

  • 562 Washington Street, Attleboro, MA 02703Phone: 508-761-5650 Record last updated on 12/27/2023 [...] Read More... Tryforos, Margaret A · Listen. 455 TOLL GATE ...

  • Listen

17. Housekeeper Describes Bitterness Between Harris, Rival

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  • WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Dec. 2, 1980 -- The month was March, the year before Dr. Herman Tarnower was shot. The occasion was a trip -- with Jean Harris -- to the Caribbean. But when the two arrived at the doctor's Harrison, N.Y., estate, a terrifying surprise awaited Harris.

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