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Tiny Homes

In popular vernacular, the term Tiny House has been used to describe everything from the original tiny house by Henry David Thoreau and Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Tiny Houses to almost any house under about 1,000 sq. ft in size.

In this style section we are using the term Tiny House to include home designs that are not necessarily portable as the Tumbleweed original houses were, but are efficient, using space and resources smartly and with a minimum of square footage to accomplish the goals of the end user. Smaller sq. footage means a smaller carbon footprint, smaller utility costs, lower taxes, less maintenance, less headaches, and more free energy and attention for the things in life that are most meaningful to you. It is a philosophy that was identified first and most publicly by Sara Susanka’s “Not So Big” Movement. Not so Big, Small House Plans, and Tiny Houses are a clarion call to sanity and responsibility in home ownership as opposed to the “Bigger is Better” mentality that the consumer ego was long fascinated with .

The homes in this collection, while they may not meet the Websters or Wikipedia definition of “Tiny House” do in fact all have qualities, sizes and successful execution of the financially conservative, maximization of free energy along with reduced carbon footprint goals that are the heart of the movement.

We hope you find a tiny house plan here that will work for your life and goals. If you’d like to make a customization to any of our modern home designs, just let us know!

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Farm 640-Heritage – Best Selling Ranch House Plan – MF-986


The Magnificent Rustic Farmhouse with Everythi…

Sq Ft: 963Width: 57.5Depth: 38.4Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2

Adelle – 1 Story Farmhouse ADU Cottage with two bedrooms – MF-854


Cute and affordable Farmhouse ADU Cottage with …

Sq Ft: 854Width: 28.5Depth: 37Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2

Blue Bird – Rustic Country 2 Story Farmhouse plan – MF-999



Sq Ft: 999Width: 29.5Depth: 22Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2 Bathrooms

Soma – Charming, Small, Modern House Plan – MM-640


Simplicity and beauty wrapped up with everythin…

Sq Ft: 640Width: 20Depth: 32Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1

Lulu – Modern Three Car Garage With Shop – MM-1113


Modern Three Car Garage With Shop There are alr…

Sq Ft: 1,113Width: 44.5Depth: 25Stories: 1

Cloud 9 – Modern Garage with Studio House Plan – MM-792


Modern Detached Garage with Studio House plan D…

Sq Ft: 792Width: 24Depth: 36Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 2

Neptune Barry – Small one story Modern Home Design – MMA-640


A most beautiful and flexible Modern Small Hou…

Sq Ft: 640Width: 32Depth: 26Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 1

Entertainment – The Perfect Small House Plan with Large Covered Porch – MM-640-E


This has been described as The Perfect Small Ho…

Sq Ft: 640Width: 20Depth: 50.3Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1

Peace and Quiet – Perfect Backyard Tiny Home – MM-360


Perfect Backyard Tiny Home This is an important…

Sq Ft: 360Width: 30Depth: 16Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1

Finnish – 3 – Skinny Modern Townhouse – MM-1193-3


Skinny Modern Townhouse with Style for Days Rev…

Sq Ft: 1,193Width: 15Depth: 56.3Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2.5

Jacko Senior – Small footprint Affordable Two Story House Plan – MM-818


Ultra Stylish, Narrow Two Story House Plan It t…

Sq Ft: 818Width: 20Depth: 22.9Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1.5

Mika – Luxury Tiny House Plan Huge Porch Big Garage – MM-800


Balanced and Symmetric One Story Modern House P…

Sq Ft: 800Width: 87Depth: 36Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2

Modern Valerie – Modern Best Selling Small Home Design – MMA-791


Beauty and Affordability in a Modern Small Home…

Sq Ft: 791Width: 35.5Depth: 36Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 1

Black Pearl Barn – Rustic Tiny Home 2 Car Garage Deck – MB-615


A Rustic Farm Studio Perfect as an ADU or a Pri…

Sq Ft: 615Width: 24Depth: 29Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1

Jacko’s Place – Small Modern House Plan with All The Essentials – MM-502


Small modern house plan, that has all the essen…

Sq Ft: 502Width: 16Depth: 18Stories: 2Master Suite: Main FloorBathrooms: 1.5

Freedom 45 – Light Filled Rustic Barn Style Small House Plan – MB-781


Cozy, Skinny Rustic Home This rustic home captu…

Sq Ft: 791Width: 30Depth: 36Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 1

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Tiny House Plans | Modern Tiny Home Design & Floor Plans (2024)
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