What To Do if You Lost a U-Haul Key (2024)

Car keys tend to disappear right as you need them. Losing keys usually isn’t an issue since you can get another at the car dealership, but what happens when the car is a rental, or more specifically, a U-Haul?

If you lose your U-Haul key, call and notify the U-Haul store where you rented the vehicle. Most stores provide replacement keys for a small fee. U-Haul also covers locked or misplaced keys through their Safetrip protection coverage.

So, what happens when you lose a U-Haul key, and does U-Haul have spare keys? In this article, I’ll answer both of these questions and more! Let’s get to it!

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Steps For Dealing With a Lost U-Haul Key

If you’re like most people, you may not know what to do if you lost a U-Haul key. However, the first thing to remember is not to panic. You have quite a few options available depending on what type of move you’re doing.

Call the Local U-Haul Store

If you’re making an in-town move, the easiest solution is to call the U-Haul store where you rented the vehicle. Most U-Haul stores will have a spare key for your specific truck, so it’s just a matter of being honest and telling them you misplaced the keys.

You will, however, need to pay a replacement fee when getting the second set of keys.

How Much Is a Lost U-Haul Key?

So, how much does it cost to replace a U-Haul key?

Depending on the type of key fob, most lost U-Haul keys shouldn’t cost more than $25. If you buy U-Haul’s additional Safetrip protection along with your rental, U-Haul will replace your keys for free.

They’ll do that whether you’ve completely lost the keys or simply locked them inside the rental truck.

Call U-Haul’s Emergency Road Service

If you’re instead making a one-way move and don’t have Safetrip coverage, the process is a little more involved. You’ll have to contact U-Haul’s roadside assistance.

You can find the roadside assistance number in one of the following places:

The caveat here is that U-Haul’s roadside assistance can only help if your keys are locked inside the rental, not if you lost or broke them. You can still open the vehicle without the key, but you’ll likely have to get it towed afterward.

Use a Towing Service

You’ll have to get the truck towed if you cannot contact U-Haul and have no other options.

Depending on where you need to tow the truck, this option will cost a hefty amount of money. The most significant determining factors are:

  • Weight
  • Distance
  • The towing company

Every towing company will have different rates, so you must call around if you want the best deal.

On the cheaper end (for local towing), the minimum cost is usually around $50. It can add up to a few hundred dollars on the higher end. See also How to Keep a U-Haul Trailer from Being Stolen

How Do You Unlock a U-Haul Without a Key?

Sometimes contacting U-Haul isn’t an option. Whether it’s the middle of the night or your U-Haul store doesn’t have a spare key, you still have a few other options.

To unlock a Uhaul without a key, you’ll likely either have to call a locksmith or use a dedicated car unlock kit. You may also be able to contact roadside assistance to help you out.

What To Do if You Lost a U-Haul Key (2)

Let’s examine each of these options below.

Reach Out to a Locksmith

Worst case scenario is you’ll have to call your local locksmith. I say worst case because it’s often the most expensive solution depending on the locksmith’s rates.

Most locksmiths can also make a new key for your U-Haul rental since most of their vehicles are variations of Ford or GMC manufactured trucks. A good locksmith will have access to the equipment needed to cut a new key for you.

Whether you need to unlock your car door or rekey the vehicle, the service charge can range between $50-$300. The cost may seem steep, but it beats getting the car towed and risking a late fee from U-Haul.

Use a Car Unlock Kit

If a locksmith or towing company is out of your price range, a car unlock kit can save you from a heavy bill if you know how to use it.

The kit I’d recommend is the Symynelec Car Tool Kit from Amazon.com. It has durable long-reach tools and an air wedge pump necessary for this method to work.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use the kit to unlock your rental:

  1. Slide the air wedge pump between the upper part of the passenger side door.
  2. Begin pumping until there is enough room to slide the long-reach tool inside.
  3. Locate the unlock button or door handle. Have someone direct you from the driver-side window if necessary.
  4. Use the long-reach tool to press the unlock button. If there is none, wedge the L-shaped reach tool behind the door handle.
  5. Twist the tool, so it pushes the door handle away from the door until it pops open.
  6. Congrats, you’ve opened your U-Haul!

The above is a visual process, so here’s a video of it in action so you have a reference while you attempt it yourself.

Contact Your Roadside Assistance Company

Some roadside assistance companies, such as AAA, provide lockout services for their members. If you have a membership with one, it’s a safe bet that they’ll try to unlock the vehicle for you.

For example, AAA will attempt to unlock the car, and if they can’t, they’ll reimburse you the cost of a locksmith. Depending on your coverage package, they’ll reimburse up to $150.

Since vehicle lockout is a standard event covered by most roadside assistance companies, you can go with whichever service you want, the most popular provided by:

  • Allstate
  • AAA
  • Blink
  • Geico
  • Progressive

Final Thoughts

Losing your U-Haul key isn’t as bad as most people assume. You’ll rarely be left stranded with no options. The most important points to remember are

  • You can always contact your local U-Haul store or roadside assistance.
  • Towing services are available 24/7 if you’re out of options.
  • A locksmith can unlock or rekey your car for a fee.
  • A car unlock kit can save the day if you’re handy with tools.

With the above in mind, you’ll be ready if you lose your U-Haul keys.

What To Do if You Lost a U-Haul Key (2024)


What To Do if You Lost a U-Haul Key? ›

If the Covered Customer under Safetrip® has lost the keys to the U-Haul truck, U-Haul Roadside Assistance will arrange for a replacement key to be provided, either a spare if available, or a Service Provider will be dispatched to cut a new key, free of charge.

What happens if you scratch a U-Haul? ›

What happens if I damage the U-Haul rental equipment without purchasing the optional coverage? As soon as you return the equipment, U-Haul will charge you for the damage you caused, plus lost rental revenue while the equipment is being repaired.

Does U-Haul give you a lock? ›

Secure your belongings with a variety of locks from U-Haul. We offer all the locks you needed including storage locks, padlocks, truck locks, and disc locks. These U-Haul locks are ideal for securing your moving truck rental, trailer rental or self-storage unit.

Why is my U-Haul not starting? ›

Troubleshooting For a Uhaul That Won't Start

Ensure there's enough gas in the tank. Neutral Safety Switch: U-Haul trucks, like many vehicles, have a safety feature that prevents them from starting if they're not in 'Park' or 'Neutral. ' Double-check the gear position and try starting again.

How to get a U-Haul unstuck from mud? ›

If truck becomes stuck in snow, mud, sand, other; do not attempt to get it out by spinning wheels or revving engine – this may damage the truck and you will be held responsible. Get help at myuhaul.com or call the Roadside Assistance number under BREAKDOWNS below, and U-Haul will assist you.

What to do after you scratch your car? ›

Here's the process you should follow:
  1. Clean and dry the area. Always start with a clean work surface.
  2. Sand the scratch. Use 1000-grit sandpaper to sand the scratch and remove any jagged edges. ...
  3. Paint it. Apply touch-up paint using a pen, toothpick or brush. ...
  4. Sand it again. ...
  5. Buff it. ...
  6. Polish it.
May 1, 2024

What happens if you accidentally scratch a car and leave? ›

You can still be ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident, even if you pay the damages, unfortunately. Those two things operate separately -- one through the police and the other through your insurance.

Why my truck suddenly won't start? ›

In this case, it's most likely a problem with a weak battery (this can also cause your car to stop while driving). Also check the cables that deliver the current from the battery to the starter motor. We recommend jump-starting to get going and possibly replacing the battery, as a new battery is not too expensive.

How to start a truck that won't start? ›

  1. If the Car Clicks When Trying to Start. Try Cycling the Key. Try Tapping on the Battery Terminals. Try Tapping the Starter.
  2. If There's No Click When You Turn the Key. Try Shifting the Shifter.
  3. If the Engine Cranks But Won't Fire Up. Try Swapping Relays. Try Smacking the Fuel Tank. Try Un-flooding a flooded engine.
Apr 19, 2024

What happens when you lose a U-Haul key? ›

If the Covered Customer under Safetrip® has lost the keys to the U-Haul truck, U-Haul Roadside Assistance will arrange for a replacement key to be provided, either a spare if available, or a Service Provider will be dispatched to cut a new key, free of charge.

How do I get my truck unstuck by myself? ›

Rock Your Truck Out

To start, put your truck in 4x4 if it has the option. Then, hold the wheels straight and gently press the gas pedal. Quickly switch between drive and reverse to rock the truck forward and back. If you can build up enough momentum, you may be able to get it out of the mud and onto solid ground.

How to get your car unstuck? ›

Other items that can help increase traction include a piece of carpet, a car floor mat, a blanket, a jacket, or branches and leaves spread on the ground in front of the stuck tires. Another option for increasing the traction in your tires is to let some of the air out of your tires.

Do scratches count as accidents? ›

If you bump another vehicle in traffic and end up scratching your bumper, damage to your vehicle could be covered by collision coverage. Your property damage liability would pay for damage to the other driver's vehicle.

What happens if you scratch a hire van? ›

You will not be charged for any small scuffs and dents you pick up during your journey, as we understand this is normal wear and tear for any vehicle. These are: Panel – abrasions or surface scratches less than 25mm (1inch) Panel – dents less than 25mm (1inch)

What happens if you get a scratch on your car? ›

Comprehensive insurance covers scratches caused by vandalism, falling tree branches, or a runaway shopping cart. Collision insurance covers scratches from driving, such as scraping a mailbox or being sideswiped by another vehicle. You'll have to contact your insurance company if you don't know what caused the scratch.

Are scratches considered damage? ›

Impact Damage (body, undercarriage, glass, etc.)

Scratches larger than 2”, or multiple scratches per panel, will be considered damage. Damage will be considered a scratch if it is through the paint. Generally this can be determined if a fingernail catches on the scratch when running fingernail along painted surface.

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