Batman: Arkham City Demon Seal Locations (2024)

The Demon Seals are more breakable objects that must be completed to advance your Riddler Challenges in Batman: Arkham City. They appear as demon heads with glowing eyes and rings in their mouths.

Similar to the Harley Heads, you will find all of the demon heads in a single location. That will be around the Wonder Tower area which includes the lairs of Ra’s al Ghul and Hugo Strange. This is a late-game location, so you need to reach the end of the main storyline before you can start exploring Wonder City.


Demon Seals have an orange glow in your Detective Mode, making it easier to spot them in the environment.

Unlike the Tyger Security Cameras and the Harley Balloons though, you cannot destroy a demon head using a Batarang. The only way to destroy a Demon Seal is to pull it down using your Batclaw.

Since these seals blend perfectly with the environment, you might need a helping hand to find them all.

Where to find all Demon Seals in Batman: Arkham City?

There are a total of 12 Demon Seals to yank down in Wonder City. You can reveal their locations by interrogating Riddler’s green thugs which is a pretty exhausting ordeal. That is why we have marked all of the seal locations on the map below to make your achievement hunting easier.


Destroying three seals completes only one riddle, so all 12 seals complete four riddles in total.

Batman: Arkham City Demon Seal Locations (1)

Demon Seal #1 (Wonder Tower Foundations)
The first Demon Seal can be found above the elevator shaft of the Wonder Tower Foundations in Wonder City.

Demon Seal #2 (Wonder Tower Foundations)
This demon head can be found in the northwestern corner of the Wonder Tower Foundations area. From where you found the first Demon Seal simply drop down to the ground level and look under the staircase in the western corner to find the Demon Seal in Batman: Arkham City.

Demon Seal #3 (Wonder Tower Foundations)
Return back to the elevator shaft platform in the Wonder Tower Foundations and face the elevator shaft.Turn to your right to find the Demon Seal placed on top of the angel statue. Breaking the seal will complete one of the Riddler challenges.

Demon Seal #4 (Wonder Avenue)
Make your way to the Wonder Avenue of Wonder City through the Wonder Tower Foundations to find this demon head.

After entering Wonder Avenue, walk straight till you cross the second gate. The Demon Seal can be found placed above the second door.

Demon Seal #5 (Wonder Avenue)
This Demon Seal is quite hard to miss as it can be found placed on top of the door of Wonder Avenue that leads to the northern section of the area.

From where you find the previous seal, continue straight ahead until you reach the gate with a sign that reads ‘Wonder City’. It will be right above the gate.

Demon Seal #6 (Wonder Avenue)
This Demon Head is placed on the top of the door that reads ‘Temple of the Wonder City’ located in the North of the Wonder Avenue.

Simply walk straight from where you found Demon Seal 5 and you’ll find this Demon Seal hanging above the blue glowing light of the Temple’s door.

Demon Seal #7 (Chamber of the Demon)
The Demon Seal is placed on the entrance door of the Chamber of the Demon area which has been obstructed. To find a way to this Demon Seal, face the temple’s door and turn left to find a small opening.

Walk through that opening and take a right to the staircase that’s going below the floor level. Follow along the path to find a ladder that takes you to the entrance of the Chamber of the Demon. When you come up the ladder simply turn to your left to find the demon head.

Demon Seal #8 (Chamber of the Demon)
From where you found the last Demon Seal, simply walk straight to the Secret Corridor’s door located in far North of the Wonder City. Walk through the door to find this Demon Head placed on the right.

Demon Seal #9 (Chamber of the Demon)
This Demon Seal can be found on the left side of the door next to where Demon Seal 8 was in Batman: Arkham City.

Demon Seal #10 (Wonder Tower)
Return back to the elevator shaft in the Wonder Tower Foundations and use Batman’s Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the elevator doors. Enter the elevator and use the Cryptographic Sequencer once again to make the elevator take you to the top of the Wonder Tower.

Once the Elevator has stopped at the top floor of the Wonder Tower, use your grappler to climb above the roof of the elevator where you’ll spot the Demon Seal. Take out your Batclaw and yank it off its place.

Demon Seal #11 (Wonder Tower)
Simply walk out of the elevator to reach the Observation Deck of the Wonder tower. Turn around to face the elevator and you’ll spot the Demon Seal on top of the arched doorway

Demon Seal #12 (Wonder Tower)
The last Demon Head will be placed on top of the Wonder Tower. To Ascend the tower, make your way across the tower towards the antenna by using the ledge on the East side. Once you’ve reached the antenna, take out your grappler and look up to find a small opening for Batman to grapple to.

Follow along the path to reach the central column of the tower. Jump across the column to find the Demon Seal placed above the entrance. Yank it off to complete the Riddler Challenge.

Batman: Arkham City Demon Seal Locations (2024)


How to break demon seals in Arkham City? ›

In the case of demon seals, you'll need to use the Batclaw to yank on them and break them. The breakable objects you'll find are separated by location: Amusem*nt Mile Breakable Objects.

Why was Arkham City shut down? ›

Evacuation and Shut Down

After the tragic and disastrous ramifications of Protocol 10 at the hands of Strange, the City Council finally realized the deception and chaos that was Arkham City and agreed that the entire site needed to be shut down as soon as possible.

Who is the head of the demon in Arkham City? ›

Rā's al Ghūl is the overarching antagonist of the Batman Arkham Franchise. He is an immortal leader of the League of Assassins, whose name means "the demon's head".

What is protocol 10? ›

Protocol 10 was at the heart of the Arkham City concept as originally masterminded by Ra's al Ghul and Hugo Strange. Ra's and Strange planned to concentrate Gotham's entire criminal populace in a central location where it could be annihilated en masse, but needed a pretext for doing so.

How to destroy demon seal? ›

Wonder City contains 12 Demon Seals. You'll need to use the Batclaw to yank on them and break pull them down.

How do you unlock the last batsuit? ›

Obtained: This Batsuit can ONLY be obtained by getting a full 240% clear rate on your save file - which includes 100%ing both New Game, New Game+, and all DLC stories.

Where is Arkham City in real life? ›

Arkham (/ˈɑːrkəm/) is a fictional city situated in Massachusetts, United States. An integral part of the Lovecraft Country setting created by H. P. Lovecraft, Arkham is featured in many of his stories and those of other Cthulhu Mythos writers.

What happened to Tyger after Arkham City? ›

Following the events of Batman: Arkham City, TYGER's operations were superseded by the GCPD. The firm was liquidated a few weeks later.

Why was Jason Todd left in Arkham? ›

In reality though, the Joker has him locked up in an abandoned wing of Arkham Asylum and proceeds to further torture him for about a year - warping his mind and making him believe that Batman just simply didn't care about him, abandoned him, and quickly replaced him with Tim Drake (Todd doesn't know that Batman thinks ...

Who is the hardest boss in Arkham games? ›

Freeze boss fight in Batman: Arkham City is often remembered as one of the hardest in the series, and for good reason. As a former cryogenicist, Mr. Freeze is a very intelligent enemy who can quickly identify the Caped Crusader's tactics. As such, players can never attack him the same way twice.

Who is the unnamed Arkham prisoner? ›

Played by Barry Keoghan, the “Unnamed Arkham Inmate” that cackles and brings up clowns is indeed The Batman universe's Joker. Reeves revealed that the Joker was originally set to have a bigger part in the movie.

What is Arkham Azrael real name? ›

The Azrael in Arkham Knight is a man named Michael Lane, who is a much newer character. The persona of Azrael has been around for awhile, but not Michael Lane.

Why did Ras stab himself in Arkham City? ›

As Batman and Ra's fell, Ra's tried to kill the Dark Knight one more time by stabbing himself with his own sword along with the Dark Knight through his chest when Batman tried to save him, but failed, with Batman leaving him to fall, and landing on the sharp "A" tip of the front gates of Arkham City and getting impaled ...

Is Hugo Strange good or bad? ›

Hugo Strange is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. The character is one of Batman's first recurring villains, and was also one of the first to discover his secret identity.

Does Arkham City have a time limit? ›

No time limit. Those countdowns by Hugo Strange occur with story progression. Even when he says Protocol Ten will start in 7 hours, you can go off collecting Riddler trophies or just do random things for as many hours as you want and the countdown won't continue until you advance the main story further.

How to break breakable objects in Batman? ›

Breakable Objects are small but distinguishing items placed around Gotham that can be destroyed, usually by a Batarang, Remote Electrical Charge, or by the Batmobile's weapons.

How do you break weapons in Arkham City? ›

Answers. The buttons for disarm and destroy are: X and Y. You do need to have a combo of 8 (5 with an upgrade) or more.

How to perform a vertical dive for 50 meters? ›

Find the tallest of the square topped chimney stacks. There should be a pair of them, with a small "bridge" in between the two. Stand on the bridge... grapple up, but boost past it, and immediately dive bomb once above it.

How do you break the walls above you in Arkham City? ›

More than likely you have to Line Launch into it. If it's the one that's sort of in a tunnel, you have to hit the little train that's there with the electricity and move it. Then you can climb up.

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