Chegg Review 2024: Buy, Rent, And Sell Textbooks (2024)

Chegg Review 2024: Buy, Rent, And Sell Textbooks (1)

There are plenty of places to purchase textbooks for university classes. But if you want a good price and the convenience to purchase and have the book delivered right to your door, Chegg might be what you’re looking for.

Chegg is basically an online university bookstore. You can rent, buy, and sell textbooks all through Chegg. It also has a study component that includes textbook solutions and access to experts who can answer questions.

In this article, we’ll take a tour of what Chegg has to offer.

Quick Summary

  • Marketplace for new and used editions of textbooks
  • Many used books offer steep discounts over new ones
  • eTextbooks allow searching and highlighting text


Chegg Details

Product Name



Buy, sell, and rent textbooks

Book Types

Physical or digital


Must pay for shipping unless a promo is being offered


21-day free returns


Textbooks come with 4-week free trial of Chegg Study

Table of Contents

What Do They Offer?

Is Shipping Free?

How Does Chegg Compare?

How Do I Open An Account?

Is It Safe And Secure?

How Do I Contact Chegg?

Who Is This For And Is It Worth It?

Chegg FAQs

Chegg Features

Who Is Chegg?

Chegg provides textbooks to university and community college students. Its CEO is Dan Rosensweig. Chegg is based in Santa Clara, CA, and was formed in 2005. The company went public in 2012 and trades under the stock symbol CHGG.

Chegg benefited tremendously from the transition to virtual education throughout 2020 during pandemic lockdowns. In its Q1 2021 investor report, it reported 55% year-over-year revenue growth. And, according to the report, the site also currently averages 19 million unique monthly visitors.

What Do They Offer?

Chegg provides textbooks for purchasing and renting. They also have information on how to sell back used textbooks. Its target audience is university and community college students. In addition to textbooks, it provides tutoring services through Chegg Study.

With Chegg, students can save up to 90% off the list price of textbooks. There is also a 21-day risk-free return policy on physical books. This can come in handy if a student decides to drop a class.

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Buying Textbooks

Many students are familiar with buying textbooks from the university bookstore. However, these are often new books sold at full price.

Not only are Chegg books much cheaper than new books, but you also don’t have to make a trip to the bookstore. Instead, books are delivered right to your door. You'll also receive 7-day instant access to the eTextbook version of the book while you're waiting for it to arrive.

Renting Textbooks

Renting textbooks is a cost-effective way to pay for class materials. Chegg makes renting textbooks easy. Once you are finished with a rental, use the prepaid return shipping label to return the book.

If you don't return your book by the due date, you'll be charged an extension fee (25% of the original rental cost) which gives you an extra 10 days to return it. If you don't return it by that extended date, you'll be charged a purchase fee. Or if you want more rental time, you can always extend the rental period.

Rentals usually come in good shape with some signs of wear. You can highlight text in rentals but Chegg discourages writing in them. In addition to renting, some books are available for purchase either as used or new.

When selecting a book to rent, you’ll see its due date. Textbooks have close to three months before they must be sent back. You’ll also see the book’s list price and Chegg discount as well.

Note that rentals are used textbooks and generally do not come with supplemental materials such as CDs, DVDs, access codes, or lab manuals. If you want those, you’ll need to purchase a new textbook.


Some textbooks have an eTextbook available. An eTextbook is a digital version of the physical textbook. You can access the eTextbook on connected devices. You can also search and highlight text.

Monthly rental rates start at $6.99 per month and they come with a 14-day return policy. eTextbooks cost a little less than the physical textbook, but they are an additional purchase. eTextbooks can be rented for 120 or 150 days. Or you can buy them.

Sell Your Textbooks

Chegg used to buy used textbooks but stopped doing that a while back. If you click Sell from the top menu, you’ll be brought to a page that recommends using GoTextbooks and provides a link to them.

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Chegg Study

Chegg Study is a subscription-based study service. You get access to textbook solutions and expert Q&A 24/7. It says that the average response time to questions submitted by its subscribing students is 46 minutes.

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Chegg Study costs $14.95 per month. However, if you buy or rent a textbook from the site, you'll receive a 4-week free trial of the service.

Is Shipping Free?

No, you do generally have to pay for shipping with Chegg. But they often run free shipping promos such as waiving the shipping charges on orders of $35 or more. Also, you won't have to pay to send your books back as Chegg provides prepaid shipping labels for returns.

How Does Chegg Compare?

Chegg separates itself from other retailers by offering so much more than just textbooks. If you're looking for an all-in-one learning platform, Chegg is going to be hard to beat.

But if you need to buy or rent textbooks, Chegg's extra features won't be a selling point. And, in that case, you may be able to find better prices and terms by choosing one of Chegg's competitors like Amazon or .

Check out how Chegg compares in this quick table:


Chegg Review 2024: Buy, Rent, And Sell Textbooks (5)

Chegg Review 2024: Buy, Rent, And Sell Textbooks (6)

Chegg Review 2024: Buy, Rent, And Sell Textbooks (7)


Free Shipping

$35 order minimum when promotions are being offered

$25 order minimum or

Amazon Student membership

$35 order minimum or

BN membership

Refund Period

21 days

30 days

21 days

Rental Extension Period

10 days

15 days

15 days





How Do I Open An Account?

You can visit Chegg's website to create your account and start shopping. You'll have the option to either create a unique username and password or log in with your Apple, Facebook, or Google credentials.

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Is It Safe And Secure?

Chegg’s website does use encryption and a secure payment method. However, it should be noted that it has suffered three data breaches over the past four years. The worst of the hacks took place in 2018 when information from over 40 million customers was leaked.

No website is completely invincible to cyberattacks and those that are as large as Chegg are natural targets for hackers. Still, three breaches in such a short period of time is worrisome and could cause one to wonder if Chegg is investing enough time and money into its data security systems.

How Do I Contact Chegg?

Many questions about the Chegg platform have already been addressed and answered on their Help Center. However, if you more questions you can text their team at 408-351-0942 or call them at 855-477-0177.

Most customers have reported satisfying experiences when dealing with Chegg support. The company is currently rated 4.0/5 on Trustpilot from over 4,800 customer reviews.

Who Is This For And Is It Worth It?

The Chegg platform is incredibly popular with college students. It’s convenient to have textbooks shipped to your address. And given the generous 21-day return policy on physical textbooks and potential cost savings, Chegg is certainly worth checking out.

However, it isn’t the only game in town. Amazon is a competitor of Chegg's as well as and several others. Make sure to compare prices for the textbook you need at multiple textbook rental sites before pulling the trigger.

Chegg FAQs

Let's answer a few of the most common questions that people ask about Chegg:

Can I purchase a membership with Chegg to get free shipping?

No, unlike Amazon or Barnes & Noble, Chegg doesn't have a paid membership tier that always offers free shipping regardless of order size.

Does Chegg have an eBook reader app?

Yes, and it allows readers to easily navigate, search for keywords, and highlight.

Can students use Chegg to cheat?

Students could certainly try to manipulate Chegg's study tools to get answers to exam questions or gain other unfair advantages. However, Chegg has several policies in place that are meant to uphold academic integrity, including its Honor Shield, Honor Code Policy, DMCA copyright removal process, and more

Why I have been locked out of my Chegg account?

Chegg accounts can only be used on up to two separate devices per month. If you try to log in on more devices then this in a given month, it could indicate that your account is being shared and it will be locked while Chegg investigates. Chegg says that it will notify suspended accounts of the result of investigations within 48 hours either way.

Chegg Features


Buy, sell, and rent textbooks

Book Types

Physical or digital


Must pay for shipping unless a promo is being offered.

Always free for textbook sellers and on rental returns


21-day free returns

Late Fees On Rental Returns

25% extension fee for returns 1-10 days late. Customers are charged the full purchase price for the book after that.


Cannot ship internationally -- US address required.

Payment Methods

  • Debit or credit card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Store (for monthly subscribers)
  • Google Play Store (for monthly subscribers)

Payout Methods

Check or PayPal

(For books resold on GoTextbooks)

Payout Speed

  • Check: 7 to 14 days
  • PayPal: 2 to 14 business days

(For books resold on GoTextbooks)

Other Services

  • Chegg Study
  • Chegg Flashcards
  • Chegg Writing
  • Chegg Internships
  • Chegg Math Solver

Customer Service Options

Help center, 24/7 live chat, text, and phone

Customer Service Numbers

  • Text: 408-351-0942
  • Phone: 855-477-0177


Textbooks come with 4-week free trial of Chegg Study

Chegg Review 2024: Buy, Rent, And Sell Textbooks (2024)


Does Chegg give textbook answers? ›

Yes, you can still get textbook solutions through Chegg. Chegg provides a service known as "Chegg St...

Is buying textbooks on Chegg worth it? ›

It's convenient to have textbooks shipped to your address. And given the generous 21-day return policy on physical textbooks and potential cost savings, Chegg is certainly worth checking out. However, it isn't the only game in town. Amazon is a competitor of Chegg's as well as Barnes & Noble and several others.

How many questions per month do you get on Chegg? ›

Chegg Study costs $14.95/month and comes with:

20 Expert Q&A questions per month.

Can you write in Chegg Rental books? ›

Limited highlighting is permitted, but please do not write in rented physical books. Remember that rentals are intended for multiple users.

Can professors catch you using Chegg? ›

Professors and official representatives of a college or university can request an honor code investigation. Upon verification of the request, Chegg will provide the following information for each URL submitted: Time and date stamp of question posted. Time and date stamp of solution posted.

Can professors see you using Chegg? ›

The site previously could share data like usernames, emails and IP addresses with colleges to identify students suspected of cheating. Chegg has updated its policy to no longer disclose students' information. Now it only provides colleges with dates and time stamps of when materials are uploaded or answered by students ...

Is Chegg 100% accurate? ›

Although Chegg experts strive to provide accurate answers 100% of the time, we sometimes find errors. If you were using the service and received a wrong answer, please rate any wrong answers received with a thumbs down, so that we can further refine our answers in a particular study topic.

How does textbook rental work on Chegg? ›

Our textbook rentals are available for the duration of both quarter and semester time periods. Should you need a book past the posted rental term, simply contact Chegg before the due date for a FREE extension. Returning textbooks to Chegg is also a FREE service with our prepaid shipping labels.

Can I sell old textbooks to Chegg? ›

Sell your books, earn some cash

Just enter the textbook ISBN and see what you'll be paid for your used textbook.

What is the rule of 72 Chegg? ›

According to the Rule of 7 2 , with compounding, the time it takes for an investment to double its value is roughly 7 2 / ( interest rate ) .

What is the rule of 70 Chegg? ›

The rule of 7 0 estimates how long it will take a country to double its real GDP per capita by: dividing the current real GDP per capita by 7 0 .

What is the highest paid subject in Chegg? ›

Chegg Salaries in India
DesignationAvg Annual Salary
Software Engineer 0 - 5 years exp. (26 salaries)₹16.7 Lakhs ₹6.9 L/yr - ₹26 L/yr
Content Support Executive 1 - 5 years exp. (26 salaries)₹3.7 Lakhs ₹2.4 L/yr - ₹5 L/yr
Biology Subject Matter Expert 0 - 4 years exp. (22 salaries)₹4 Lakhs ₹1.2 L/yr - ₹7.2 L/yr
18 more rows

What website gives answers to textbooks? ›

Chegg Study offers more than 21 million textbook solutions covering more than 9,000 books. To use it, search for your book by title or ISBN, then browse by chapter and problem number to find detailed, step-by-step solutions for subjects like science, math and engineering.

Can you get free answers on Chegg? ›

Getting Free Chegg Answers Trial From Direct Chegg Link

If you want actual help from any source related to getting your assignments, tests or quizzes done, never forget to try the free trial. Chegg offers its users with the 28 days free trial with limited but helpful access to its documents, answers and to its tutors.

How long does it take to get textbooks from Chegg? ›

We ship anywhere and everywhere in the United States! Shipping can take 1–10 business days depending on the shipping option chosen, where the book's coming from, and where it's going. You'll see your shipping options during the ordering process.

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